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Auto Enrolment: Are you ready?

The workplace pensions law has changed. Make sure you're fully compliant...

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5 Easy Steps

Manage the whole process in 5 easy steps with our AE Software. Simply register your pension provider and the software will guide you through the rest of the process.


Become fully compliant with all the latest pension legislation changes and eliminate any risk of financial penalties.

No Admin

Automatically send all of the required communications to your employees at the right time directly via self-service or your pension provider.


Provide your employees with access to their pension details including contributions, documentation and statements, anywhere anytime via the cloud.

Real Time Reporting

Enjoy a complete audit trail of your pension information, including employee and employer contributions, opt-ins and out-outs, new starters and leavers etc.


Easily integrate our AE software with pension and payroll providers, the Pensions Regulator and HR software such as Moorepayhr.

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