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BACs Payment Service

The quick and easy way to pay

We know that making payments can be time consuming and complex, so we’ve designed a BACS payroll service that is really simple to set up and operate.

Our BACS payment service is a quick, easy and cost effective way to make direct payments to staff, HMRC and suppliers.  It’s simple to use, does the job and so is perfect for smaller businesses that have budgets to match.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • How It Works

Features & Benefits – BACs Payment Service

  • Our BACS payment services provide a simple method of paying staff and suppliers.
  • To give you the greatest flexibility, we offer three options for transmitting payments through our BACS payment services:Fax input – We provide a fax input form, with names of the payees pre-printed onto the form, while new payees are entered on blank lines
    Spreadsheet input – We provide you with a spreadsheet for completion, with the names of current payees pre-printed, while new payees are entered on blank lines at the bottom
    Other input methods – We can also accept imports from clients’ systems in other compatible formats, although the file needs to adhere to our payment solutions import specification
  • Improved efficiency, cash flow and time management.
  • Employees and suppliers are always paid on time, with no risk of cheques being delayed in the post.
  • A clearer overview of cash flow is provided, without the need to wait for cheques to clear.
  • Instant confirmation that payments have been made.
  • Significantly reduced administration, as there are no cheques to write or envelopes to address – all of which can take up a great deal of your precious time.
  • We are a BACS-approved bureau, so you can be assured of our reliability.

How it Works – BACs Payment Service

BACS payments are sorted quickly and easily, every time and the system works like this:

  • A BACS payroll user facility and number is required from your bank (we provide the necessary form).
  • Our team set up your account on our BACS payment systems.
  • BACS payment PIN numbers are issued securely.
  • For each payment run, you send us the net amounts that need to be processed.
  • We send the BACS payment file to BACS on your behalf and an input listing is delivered back to you for checking.
  • The BACS payment is made directly into payees’ bank accounts.
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