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Benefits for HR & Payroll Professionals

Effectively manage and engage your personnel

Automated common tasks will help eliminate errors, improve data accuracy and reduce the time spent on managing paperwork, leaving HR & Payroll professionals to concentrate on handling employee matters and people management strategy.

  • 24/7/365 access to employee information
  • Effectively manage and engage your personnel
  • Reduce your time spent managing paperwork leaving you to concentrate on employee matters
  • Easily delegate administrative tasks to employees and line managers
  • Powerful reporting functionality allows you to examine employee information helping you make informed decisions on resources and costing’s
  • Improve communication channels with your employees
  • Automate the recruitment process from identification of need through to employment saving time
  • Develop comprehensive employee training programs
  • Identify and fill competency gaps within the business
  • Track and manage employee progression and career aspirations
  • Maximise employee performance
  • Better understand the total cost of employment
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