February 17, 2015

Beware: Pancakes can be flipping dangerous

Distracted by warm, tasty pancakes? When people enthusiastically reach for the frying pan, lemon and sugar – some end up needing the Fire Service or the A & E department too.

Pancake Day, while seen as a fun day by all, can be more dangerous than most people think. It’s a time when those who may not normally venture into the kitchen do so, to try out a simple recipe.

The list of accidents recorded on Pancake Day are quite extensive – pan fires, in particular, can be devastating with many resulting in serious injuries. But other common accidents are burnt fingers from metal panhandles, wobbly flips which send a hot pancake on to the cook’s hand, and people getting too close to the cooker and setting their clothes alight.

We all know most of these types of accidents start in the kitchen and, on Shrove Tuesday, it’s easy to forget that you have left the pan on the hob, burning away. This usually happens in the home, but employees who work in kitchens, cafes or restaurants can easily fall victim to the same fate.

Don’t pay the price for poor health & safety, follow our safety tips:

  • Do NOT leave the pan unattended while the heat is turned on
  • Do NOT move a pan if it is on fire
  • Do NOT put food in the pan if the oil begins to give off smoke
  • In the event of a fire, get out quickly, stay out of there and immediately call the fire brigade
  • Make sure children are supervised in the kitchen at all times
  • Oven gloves and wooden-handled pans are strongly recommended
  • Cooks should be vigilant about wiping up butter or marge from the kitchen floor to avoid slipping
  • Also, ensure you check your smoke alarm frequently, at least once a week – as well as changing the battery twice a year and cleaning it properly once a year

Happy Pancake Day from everyone at Moorepay!

Need Health & Safety advice at your workplace? Why not contact us?

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