July 31, 2013

Disciplining Employees Over Grievances

Can you discipline or dismiss an employee for raising multiple unfounded grievances? The case of Woodhouse v West North West Homes Leeds Ltd [2013] has highlighted the difficulties for employers faced with how to deal with an employee who raises multiple baseless grievances and tribunal claims. Over a period of four years, Mr Woodhouse, raised…

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July 24, 2013

Unfair Dismissal

It rarely creates headlines and is almost never factored in by employers when defending an employment tribunal claim. But a potential outcome could be the reinstatement of the employee to his previous job or re-engagement to a job comparable to the previous role or otherwise suitable. An employee can be re-engaged by the employer, by…

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June 24, 2013

Employment Tribunal Fees

In a bid to fight the employment tribunal fees being introduced in July, UNISON, Britain’s largest trade union, is applying to the High Court for a judicial review of the government’s new fee structure. The fees, brought in by the government, are intended to reduce the number of claims that reach employment tribunal by charging…

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May 10, 2013

Tribunal rules: What’s to come

Almost two years ago, it was requested of Mr Justice Underhill that he conduct a review of Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure (or ET rules). These recommendations were published in July 2012 and, although the new rules are yet to be officially released, a consultation published by the government in March implies that the majority…

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April 29, 2013

The People Management Document Pack

We appreciate that when running a busy organisation your time is often limited. It can be difficult to find the time to research and produce legally compliant employment law documents to use for your employees. With this in mind and to help ease the load, we have developed the People Management Document Pack. The People…

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January 31, 2013

Employment Tribunal System Reforms

The government has implemented an Employment Tribunal fee system which will commence this summer 2013. The payment of fees for lodging a tribunal claim is part of its wider reforms in supporting and encouraging early resolution of work place disputes in order to transfer some of the cost burden from the tax payer to users…

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