January 12, 2022

Our Next Generation Software & Microsoft Technology

As part of our Next Generation Software, we’re now operating across the latest Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution. But what does that mean? Well, we’re glad you asked! On the surface of it, you might not think this is the most exciting feature across our Next Generation Software – but that’s where you’d be mistaken. Hosting…

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January 11, 2022

Why we built the Moorepay Mobile App

Beautiful. Convenient. Easy. Is it what dreams are made of? Maybe. Say hello to the easy to access Moorepay Mobile App. Why we built the app Our users said that our software on mobile was “useless”, “unacceptable” and “the worst experience ever”. Suffice to say, we knew that we needed to change. So we took…

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Connecting through API integration

We believe in harmony through collaboration. That’s why our easy to access Next Generation Software bridges the gap between applications through open API architecture. Not just for the technological wizards of the payroll & HR world, our Next Generation software makes APIs accessible for businesses large and small. What are APIs? Application programming interfaces, affectionately…

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January 10, 2022

Say hello to our Next Generation Software

We’ve broken up with buffering, excessive tabs, and old school navigation, and we’ve never felt better. We’re excited to announce our Next Generation Software, ushering in a new era for payroll and HR professionals. The industry came knocking and we answered. Easy to use The new user experience had a simple focus: being easy to…

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January 6, 2022

The Moorepay Mobile App

Yes, the Moorepay Employee Mobile App is here, catapulting employee self-service light-years ahead of the market. Why have we built employee self-service (ESS) into a mobile app? How did customer feedback shape the journey? And what can you expect from this exciting new product? In a world where we can fly down the M6 with just…

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December 16, 2021

Report Designer: eats data for breakfast

Reporting just went from basic to brilliant. Our Report Designer Tool is designed to make customising and clearly seeing data that adds real value even easier. So, what makes it so special? Feel like you’re constantly manipulating data in excel? Scrambling for figures to add to your board slide, or spending countless hours just ‘tweaking’…

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