August 4, 2022

Reduce your payroll & HR queries | Our App developments

Inundated by repeat employee queries? Sick of sending the same contracts all whilst cracking a smile? Well, not anymore. Recent advancements in our Mobile App mean employees can go about their business without knocking on the doors of payroll and HR departments up and down the UK. So, what’s new? Employee directory You know what it’s like, you’re new to the business, you’re looking for the bloke who sits next to you, but you can only remember his first name. With our Mobile App employees…

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May 9, 2022

Improving your payroll processes | Next Generation Software

Listening to customer feedback our product team have been working hard to make improvements to payroll processing in our software. They’re just selfless like that. So, what do new features in our payroll software look like and what value are they adding to you and your processes? Future dated salary changes At the top of what can only be described as a very long customer wish list was Future Dated Salary changes. It kinda does what it says on the tin. With the developments of…

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May 6, 2022

Introducing Work Report | Streamlining the approval processes for employees

Work Report. Helping employees and you. Covering a company-wide salary increase, dealing with a huge grievance case and staffing shortages, it’s no surprise verifying an employment status for one of your staff has slipping down the to-do. Wherever it might sit in your priorities, it could be a deal breaker for your employees. We’re here to take one more thing off your list. What is Work Report™? Work Report™ is a new employment and income verification service supplied by Experian, the world’s leading information services…

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work report
April 7, 2022

The best bits of our 2.0 Next Generation Software release

Last month we released the latest version of our Next Generation Software. From fixes and APIs, to app advancements and the freshest legislation, here are just some of our favourite updates. Because we love to spoil you! Expenses in our Mobile App Whether it’s a bacon bap while your employees are out on the road, or an overnight stop for their most recent business trip – whatever the expense, the approval workflow just got easy. Forget jumping through hoops and constant back and forth, we’ve…

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man using Moorepay's next generation app on phone
February 28, 2022

Ready for year end? Our Mobile App is

Just because the end of the tax year is drawing closer doesn’t mean we’ve taken our foot off the gas – here’s the latest and greatest from the Moorepay Mobile App. You’re welcome. So, what exciting new features are ready for the market? Expenses We’ve all been there. A long business trip, you’ve finally unpacked the suitcase that’s been staring you down, and what next? Expense admin. We can hear your eyes rolling. Receipts: you’ll lose some, some’ll be crumpled beyond repair and some will…

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Mobile App Expenses & P60s
January 12, 2022

Our Next Generation Software & Microsoft Technology

As part of our Next Generation Software, we're now operating across the latest Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution. But what does that mean? Well, we’re glad you asked! On the surface of it, you might not think this is the most exciting feature across our Next Generation Software – but that’s where you’d be mistaken. Hosting our software on Microsoft Azure comes with some notable benefits. We’re talking streamlined processes, improved flexibility and added security to boot. It’s technology that we’re happy to put our trust…

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microsoft azure on tablet
January 11, 2022

Why we built the Moorepay Mobile App

Beautiful. Convenient. Easy. Is it what dreams are made of? Maybe. Say hello to the easy to access Moorepay Mobile App. Why we built the app Our users said that our software on mobile was "useless", "unacceptable" and "the worst experience ever". Suffice to say, we knew that we needed to change. So we took their feedback on board and started building a bespoke app to create a better user experience for all. Although our software was simple and intuitive to use on desktop, it…

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Moorepay mobile app for payroll and hr
January 11, 2022

Connecting through API integration

We believe in harmony through collaboration. That’s why our easy to access Next Generation Software bridges the gap between applications through open API architecture. Not just for the technological wizards of the payroll & HR world, our Next Generation software makes APIs accessible for businesses large and small. What are APIs? Application programming interfaces, affectionately known as APIs, are clever connections that allow systems to communicate with each other efficiently. They're built to streamline data flow i.e. pass information back and forth easily. And our…

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payroll software UI on laptop
January 10, 2022

Say hello to our Next Generation Software

We’ve broken up with buffering, excessive tabs, and old school navigation, and we’ve never felt better. We’re excited to announce our Next Generation Software, ushering in a new era for payroll and HR professionals. The industry came knocking and we answered. Easy to use The new user experience had a simple focus: being easy to use. So, we’ve streamlined the menu screen, we’ve redesigned the user interface, and we’ve even added built-in user-guides for an additional level of support. This brand-new user experience makes our…

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nextgen payslip breakdown on laptop screen
January 6, 2022

The Moorepay Mobile App

Yes, the Moorepay Employee Mobile App is here, catapulting employee self-service light-years ahead of the market. Why have we built employee self-service (ESS) into a mobile app? How did customer feedback shape the journey? And what can you expect from this exciting new product? In a world where we can fly down the M6 with just electric in the tank, pay for lunch with your face and phone, and ping cryptocurrency as you please, the payroll industry, by comparison has fallen behind. Payrollers plodding along with…

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