January 9, 2013

Cloud-based Moorepayhr reaches new heights

Moorepay’s cloud-based HR & Payroll solution has reached its 300th new customer in just 6 months, proving a big hit with small and medium sized businesses…

Moorepay has achieved a significant milestone of 300 New Client Wins for their Moorepayhr solution.  At the launch in March 2012 Moorepayhr was well received by industry analysts who were impressed with Moorepay’s open and honest approach to the pricing and positioning of the product. Now 6 months on, the new client take up of Moorepayhr is significant – 300 small and medium sized businesses can now enjoy some of the functionality and self-service access that was once only available to larger organisations.

Moorepayhr is a true BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) solution for the SME market. You only have to look at the statistics – 81% of Moorepayhr’s client base has subject matter experts sat behind the solution. The Moorepayhr offering is a comprehensive HR, Payroll and compliance cloud-based solution, underpinned by subject matter experts in Payroll, Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety. It’s the latter what really makes Moorepayhr stand out – our clients are in touch with real experts in their field who are at hand to help – on time and on demand. These range from Payroll & HR professionals, through to Employment Law Specialists, who offer support and guidance on employment related issues such as complex HMRC legislation, maternity/paternity pay, sickness, disciplinary, working conditions and much more.

Commenting on the success of Moorepayhr, Gary Boyes, Sales Director at Moorepay said, “The success of Moorepayhr is fundamentally due to the simplicity we have retained throughout our approach. Our product positioning, our pricing and various flavours of the solution all embrace this common theme. This enables our clients to quickly identify the solution that works best for their needs, then be set up and running within hours. Moorepayhr clients now benefit from a true BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) solution and from self-service and management reporting which was once only available to larger corporate organisations. The low monthly fees and minimum set up charges mean that small businesses can quickly demonstrate a return on their investment, which is important in this economic climate, and reap benefits from improved efficiencies and controls within their business.

Finally, small businesses will not outgrow this solution; it will grow alongside their business, providing additional support as and when needed.”

As Moorepayhr is delivered via the cloud, users of the solution access their information via a web browser whenever, wherever they want. One of the major advantages of a cloud-based solution is that there are no upgrade costs to the end user. Therefore, Moorepayhr users can continue to work on running their business, whilst benefitting from a product that will be continually updated and enhanced without having to pay for, or worry about expensive software upgrades.

Gary comments on the development of Moorepayhr, “Our continual improvement ethos will result in a new release in December with enhancements to the existing four flavours which will now include tablet (iPad, Nexus etc…) support, management dashboards, enhancing the users’ experience. Furthermore, an ‘all new flavour’ will be launched that will enable organisations to better manage their performance review process as well as identify and nurture those employees with potential to add value to the business. We will also maintain the simplicity of deployment which has made the adoption rates of the solution so successful.”

With attractive packaging and pricing starting at just £1.10 per employee per month, Moorepayhr is ideal for businesses from10 employees to hundreds.

Founded in 1966, Moorepay is one of the UK’s leadings HR and Payroll providers. As industry leaders, we are honest and reliable, supporting over 10,000 clients and processing over one million payslips every month. We are truly passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses manage their people.

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