September 25, 2019

How Should I Handle Unplanned Absence during the Repatriation of Thomas Cook Holiday Makers?

You were probably shocked to hear the very sad news that the travel company Thomas Cook has ceased trading.

In the early hours of Monday morning (23rd September 2019), Thomas Cook ceased trading.  The travel company failed to secure the £200 million needed to keep the business afloat.

This is a particularly anxious time for more than 150,000 Thomas Cook holiday makers who are currently abroad.

Over the next two weeks, tourists will be brought home in a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) flight programme codenamed Operation Mattherhorn.

You probably know someone who is stranded abroad. It could even be one of your employees. So, as an employer what can you do to help and what are your legal obligations?

Unplanned Absence: What should I do if employees are unable to return to work on time?

You may have employees who are no longer returning from holiday on the date they expected and will consequently be absent from work. Unplanned absence is a challenge to manage at the best of times. So, what are your rights and how can you manage this as an employer?

Emergency Holidays and Unpaid Leave

When affected employees return to work, the first question they are likely to ask is: ‘Will I be paid for the days I was stranded abroad?’

There is no legal obligation to offer paid time off in these circumstances. However, as an employer you may wish to offer this as a one off. Make it clear to all employees that this is a gesture of goodwill in an exceptional circumstance.

Typically, in situations like these, employees are expected to take emergency holiday leave. This would be deducted from their available annual leave allocation for that holiday year. You may also want to offer unpaid leave for any additional leave your employees may require.

Next Steps

Whatever option you choose ensure you communicate these with your employees. In exceptional circumstances like this the simple things mean a lot.

If you’re a Moorepay customer and would like advice on managing employees who are affected by this should you can contact our advice line on 0345 073 0240.

You can also read more about absence management in our holiday entitlement Q&A blog and our unauthorised absence blog.

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About the author

Stephen Johnson

About the author

Stephen Johnson

Stephen has over 25 years experience in private sector HR and management roles, working as a Manager for over 10 years and eventually moving into the financial services industry. In his current role as an HR Policy Review Consultant he develops, reviews and maintains our clients’ employment documentation. With extensive knowledge of management initiatives and HR disciplines Stephen is commercially focused and supports clients in delivering their business objectives whilst minimising the risk of litigation.

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