October 30, 2014

How to manage multiple holiday requests?

It’s the age old HR problem – employees that want time off over Christmas.

What’s worse, many employees save up their holidays so they can disappear for weeks.

That means you need to manage your multiple requests so your company is able to operate properly, but your employees are still satisfied.

Refusing people paid leave due to lack of planning is ineffective management and leads to poor decisions about who can and cannot have their leave – which can lead to high levels of dissatisfaction.

Having a strategy

Employees see time off at Christmas as an added bonus – so instead of dealing with it when Christmas comes around, make a strategic plan to offer time-off.

Planning ahead of time is the easiest thing to do, discussing and planning any possible requests in autumn. That means employees can participant and prevents disappointment.

Request forms

Want to help manage the employees’ time off more easily? Get them to fill out a request form first.

Not only will this help you keep track and give you a measure of control but it will let you monitor the people building up their unused leave which cause staffing problems later on.

You could even introduce a scheme that allows employees to discuss amongst themselves who will have the time off.

Even though that will happen informally, it will introduce a culture of control, responsibility and democracy.

If you want to make all this easier on yourself you can manage a lot of this online with a modern,cloud-based holiday booking system.


You might consider giving your hardest workers or high achievers the days off when deciding a system of fairness. This could include who stay later or take pay cuts when the company is struggling.

Don’t be reactive…

To conclude, reactive policies don’t please anyone – you need to set expectations early. At the beginning of the year, you need to review your department’s strategic plans and tell everyone about important dates on which employees must be present.

By encouraging employees to use their leave and not build it up, as well as setting a good example yourself, you’ll create an acceptance amongst your workers that they need to manage their time wisely.

Find out more about how you can manage your employees with the latest cloud-based HR software.

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About the author

Stuart Clough

About the author

Stuart Clough

Stuart (MCIPR) is a trained journalist, writer and marketer with ten years' experience in B2B, public sector and employee communications. A former marketing consultant and agency client-lead, Stuart is responsible for communications and content at Moorepay.

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