July 9, 2018

Moorepayhr V17.1 Update: Three New Features to Help you Easily Comply with GDPR

We have released a host of updates to keep our Integrated Payroll & HR Software ahead of the curve and help make GDPR compliance easy. Here are the biggest enhancements that will support you.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business – since 25 May 2018 all ‘controllers’ and ‘processors’ of personal data are now required to comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  GDPR applies to all processing carried out by organisations operating within the EU – and despite Brexit looming on the horizon, the UK will still need to follow GDPR guidelines.

Our job at Moorepay is to make the transition as easy as we can for our customers and support them with their GDPR compliance with minimal effort on their part.

Employee Data Reports

To make GDPR as stress-free as possible for our customers, we’ve created a new HR report that allows administrators to view all their employee data in one place. This option makes it easier to fulfil data access requests: when someone submits a request to an employer to view all the data that is held on them, the system can create it with a click of this button.

This data will include employees, applicants, dependents, emergency contacts, and external personnel.

Under GDPR, employees will also have the right to know what data an employer has kept on them, as well as being able to update or amend that data. Under the law this data must be available to be transported electronically, so the report can be in both PDF and XLS formats. However, this does not include Pay History or Performance Review Wizards which can both be printed separately through the relevant system screens.

The Right to be Forgotten

For our users, we’ve upgraded the Administration/Personnel section with three new options:

Delete Leavers – This option will enable customers to delete all leavers whose leave date is older than the HMRC tax retention period. Currently this period is three years plus the current year, thus leavers will not be deleted if they have had any payment data in the last four tax years. However, if they are a leaver from over four years ago we can delete all their payroll and HR employee data.

Delete External Personnel – When selected, this option will display a list of all External Personnel in the system, allowing the user to remove anyone they need to.

Delete Applicants – this option will prompt the user to enter the desired number of months from that day’s date. All applicants that are held in the system will then be deleted, along with all their related data from before that point in time.

Dependent Permission

Moorepayhr now allows employees to record that they have permission to enter another person’s personal and personal identifiable data ensuring the employer has the right to store this data, permission can be recorded against:


Emergency Contacts

This check box will specify that the individual inputting this information has gained it with the consent of the named person in these sections for their details to be used.

We appreciate that GDPR seem like a scary change. If you’d like further information or would like to discuss your GDPR position further please call the Advice Line on 0845 073 0270 and select option 2.

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About the author

Daniel Cookson

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