October 11, 2013

Outsourced payroll Vs dishwashers

Have you lost your payroll person? Are you scared of doing something wrong? Are you concerned that it’s costing too much time and money or worried about changing legislation?

Well, when making your decision to let someone else manage your payroll for you…try comparing it to a dishwasher.

Is it better to wash the dishes yourself or have a dishwasher? Ok…let me explain…

It’s something I have to do, but I REALLY don’t want to…

Prior to moving out of my mum’s house, I naturally assumed the plates and cutlery were self-cleaning, which allowed me to eat my meals. It’s exactly the same as with your employees and payroll – as long as they get paid, they don’t care how it all works.

Since moving into a flat, I have to do the washing up myself, and if I don’t do it right, my flatmates get mad at me. Can you see the similarities with payroll and small businesses?

I could be doing something more productive

Do you ever think that you could be doing something better when you’re washing up, such as reading a novel, playing on your games console or watching a sitcom or documentary? Well, it’s the same for a small business – you could be growing your business or doing something that matters to you more!

It might be tedious…but it’s very important

What happens if you don’t do the dishes? Aside from the mess, you’ll run out of plates and you’ll have nothing on which to eat – a bit like an angry employee when they don’t get paid on time, your spouse or housemates will get upset.

Can anything go wrong with a dishwasher?

Well, that depends on the quality of your dishwasher – some require more plate scraping afterwards than others.

When outsourcing your payroll, they are still human and things can go wrong – but with a good company, the accountability will lie with them rather than you, so HMRC will regard them as liable. If you opt for integrated payroll with HR software, then there is far less chance of something going wrong.

So…can Moorepay help?

With our Moorepayhr integrated HR and payroll solution, you can stay in control by automating your payroll and keeping up-to-date with the latest legislation.

Find out more about Moorepayhr

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