March 20, 2020

Statutory Sick Pay and Salary Guarantee for COVID-19


The government response to COVID-19 / Coronavirus continues to develop at pace and as a business we remain focussed on delivering the exact same service you would normally receive. We would like to specifically update you on statutory sick pay (SSP) for COVID-19 / Coronavirus and some of the latest government advice.


We would like to update you on the new functionality we are going to deploy to our absence module within our payroll solutions. This functionality reflects the new emergency legislation for SSP in relation to COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

Moorepayhr now takes into account that SSP will be paid to all qualifying employees from day one for COVID-19 / Coronavirus related sickness including self-isolating. This update will be deployed early next week with product release notes to follow shortly afterwards.


As Government advice and legislation changes on a daily basis we will continue to listen and respond to ensure we deliver on our commitment to #keepingtheUKpaid.

We are looking at the following announcements in particular:

  • Measures to protect jobs and workers: The government are going to pay up to 80% of people’s wages for an initial three-month period for employees unable to work due to the pandemic. Any employer will be able to apply for the scheme and they need to contact HMRC for payments of up to £2,500 per worker per month, in order to keep employees on the payroll. We are in contact with and await HMRC guidance to understand any requirements for payroll software.
  • Closure of all UK pubs and restaurants: All cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants are to close tonight and remain closed until further notice. In addition, all nightclubs, gyms, theatres and leisure centres are to close as soon as they reasonably can. We will communicate with our customers in this sector on how we can specifically support you.
  • VAT for all businesses is being deferred: No businesses will make VAT payments until the end of June 2020 with £30 billion worth of tax on businesses being deferred. Businesses will have until the end of the financial year to repay those bills.
  • Key Workers: Schools will close nationally from Monday with the exception of children of key workers. Key workers include ‘payments providers’ which supports us in continuing to deliver the exact same service you would normally receive.

We will continue to respond as this situation unfolds and support you through these unprecedented times.
Rest assured you can rely on Moorepay during the most challenging circumstances. If you have any immediate questions or require any further information, please direct these requests to your Payroll Contact / Payroll Team in the first instance.

Thank you for being a loyal Moorepay customer, and if you’re not already why not book a demo.

**Information in this blog was correct at the time of writing, however with government and legislation changes happening daily some of this may change in the future.**

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About the author

Hannah Booth

About the author

Hannah Booth

A graduate of Lancaster University and holder of a Professional Certificate and CAM Diploma in marketing and digital marketing, Hannah is our Communications & Content Manager. Hannah is responsible for all customer communications for Moorepay, and for leading on and producing key content on legislative and industry topics for the Moorepay knowledge centre.

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