Moorepay ensured the Lambeth and Southwark Food and Fun Programme went ahead safely, so that thousands of vulnerable children could eat, learn and play.

In the summer of 2020, the Mayor’s Fund for London delivered the Lambeth and Southwark Food and Fun programme in partnership with the Lambeth and Southwark Council.

As part of the charity’s programme Kitchen Social, Food and Fun consisted of a six-week schedule of free food services and community activities. Children could enjoy free meals and take part in arts and crafts, food education, cooking, sports, theatre and more both in arranged group sessions and at home.

This aimed to support children in two boroughs of London who were at risk of holiday food insecurity and social isolation. These circumstances were only exacerbated by schools being shut down and other lockdown measures made across the UK starting in March 2020, meaning the programme was even more critical at this time.

The Food and Fun Programme enabled children to enjoy a healthy meal, make new friends and develop new skills in a safe space. It also aimed to ease the financial strain on parents during the holiday period.

Moorepay supported the Mayor’s Fund for London in serving 6,000 children 150,000 meals and 218,220 hours of play and learning.

Moorepay supported this charitable event by offering its H&S services free of charge. The local groups involved in making this project possible submitted a number of risk assessments for general health and safety, as well as the new risks associated with COVID-19.

Moorepay’s H&S experts, including Terence Rebanks and Jody Varcoe, voluntarily reviewed every risk assessment and provided the local groups with detailed feedback to improve their quality. As a result, the summer long programme was safe and COVID-secure at a critical time.