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Early Conciliation Support

Providing you with all the tools, information and advice you need for strong negotiation

ACAS has launched an Early Conciliation service designed to resolve employment disputes before they reach the Employment Tribunal stage – effective from 6th April and mandatory from 6th May 2014.

You will find out about the possible claim by phone from ACAS in their attempt to explore if you are willing to enter into the Early Conciliation process.

Should you wish to enter the process, you will need the tools, information and advice to determine the strength of your negotiation. Moorepay can support you through the entire process, advising you on the best course of action to take. We offer:

  • Free professional guidance on the merits of engaging in Early Conciliation
  • A percentage estimate of your prospects for successfully defending the claim
  • Realistic estimate of the potential value of a claim
  • The likely costs of defending the claim

We can even talk to ACAS for you, taking the entire burden off your shoulders.

Should ACAS contact you about Early Conciliation and you wish to discuss the best course of action, please contact our Employment Tribunal team directly on 0845 077 8881, option 3.

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