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It's no secret why over 3000 businesses have CHOSEN Moorepayhr...

Since launching back in March 2012, our cloud-based integrated HR and Payroll solution has been chosen by over 3000 UK businesses. These businesses are now benefitting from improved HR and Payroll processes.

We believe there are 6 key reasons why over 3000 businesses have chosen Moorepayhr:



Moorepayhr allows your employees’ 24/7 access to their data anytime, anywhere via the cloud. And because Moorepayhr is cloud-based, there are no downloads or installations, no upgrade costs and your data is secure.


Full Integration

Moorepayhr integrates seamlessly with our payroll services, providing a single system that removes the need to input data twice, eliminating rekeying and ensuring data accuracy. Essential for Real Time Information (RTI)!


Reduced Admin

Moorepayhr helps to reduce the burden on HR by distributing basic administrative tasks to line managers and employees through the self-service facility. This will free up your time allowing you to concentrate on running your business.



Moorpayhr allows you to access, analyse and share HR information providing an in-depth view of your personnel costs, productivity and much more. The level of reporting gives a true picture of your business helping you make informed HR and commercial decisions.


Streamlined Processes

Moorepayhr simplifies and automates existing HR processes such as holiday bookings, absence management, safety and performance management. This improves operational efficiencies, reduces the need for paperwork and frees up your business’ resources.


HR +

Moorepayhr is more than just HR software – 90% of our clients are supported by subject matter experts in HR, Payroll and Compliance meaning expert advice is just a phone call away!

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