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Report: How Up-To-Date is Payroll Software?

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Is Your Payroll Stuck in the 90s?

We surveyed payroll professionals across the UK to understand how they think of their payroll software.

Are people using up-to-date software, with strong integration and smooth functionality? Or is their software stuck in the 90s, with overwhelming calculations, unnecessary data input, and bad usability?

To support businesses in understanding how their payroll software compares against others in the industry, we’ve compiled our survey findings.

Here are the results.

payroll software stat

Payroll software

21% said their software was stuck in the 90s

52% mainly work on a desktop

26% use multiple devices with ease

user experience report findings


28% find their payroll usability old-fashioned and difficult

26% find it convenient if a little outdated

44% find it seamless and responsive

entering data report findings

Entering Data

17% find entering data overwhelming

24% are constantly faced with loading screens

33% manually enter data using two screens

24% can use multiple devices to view data

personnel files 90s campaign statistic

Personnel Files

29% of people use paper-based filing systems

6% said they were on archaic software

38% use excel spreadsheets or similar

26% use modern, integrated systems

payroll professionals delivering payslips report findings

Sending Payslips

27% of people still print and, in some cases, post payslips

36% deliver payslips by email

35% deliver payslips by app

data analytics report findings

Reporting and Analytics

17% use old-fashioned systems to analyse their data

62% use excel or similar software to analyse data

19% enjoy user-friendly automated dashboards

employee queries report findings

Employee Queries

25% of people feel inundated by employee queries

24% often feel confused or frustrated by queries

25% feel comfortable with managing them

11% feel happy and relaxed from employee queries

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