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Integrated Payroll and HR

The need for an integrated HR and Payroll solution is now more important than ever.

With ever-changing legislation, advances in technology and the demands of your business constantly changing, the need for a single database HR and Payroll solution is now more important than ever.

Moorepayhr provides you with a single truth when it comes to vital HR and Payroll data, seamlessly integrating our best of breed payroll services with our industry leading HR product. Behind the scenes you have the comfort of knowing that our solution is underpinned by qualified Moorepay Payroll and HR experts.

What’s more, we’ll do all the calculations, all the legislative updates and ensure your employees get paid on time, every time! The benefit of adopting a HR and Payroll approach is that data will only need to be entered once – 1 input, 1 system. Thus, reducing workload and eliminate manual and error-prone processes.

In Summary:
  • Changes made to payroll automatically update your HR system (and vice-versa).
  • Eliminating duplicate entry reduces the time and costs.
  • With all payroll and HR information held on the same database, the need for unnecessary paperwork is vastly reduced.
  • Reporting is both faster and more accurate.
  • Staff can directly access a greater amount and more accurate information.
  • Delivered via the cloud, so there is no hardware or software to worry about.
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