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Key features

Our Compliance package has been designed to provide businesses large and small with everything they need to stay on the right side of HR, employment law and health & safety legislation.

Advice Line

Access round-the-clock advice

Our Compliance Advice Line operates 24/7 and is your gateway to custom guidance from our team of experienced subject matter experts.

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Keep essential documents on file

From employment contracts and company handbooks, to health & and safety policies and much more, Compliance creates bespoke and standard statutory documentation to keep your company covered.

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Learn more in our digital learning space

Develop knowledge and keep on top of the latest legislation through our eLearning platform, including modules on equality and diversity, workplace conduct and data security.

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Equip your team with the latest in legislation

Within our Knowledge space you’ll find toolkits, podcasts and webinars covering a range of subjects, including people management, growing your business and maintaining fairness at work.

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A helping hand through the tribunal process

There’s so much involved with compiling a case for tribunal and so many ways it could all go wrong. Our Compliance package ensures you don’t go through the employment tribunal process alone.

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Protect your business against costly claims

For complete peace of mind, cover your company from the potential costs of employment tribunals and health & safety prosecutions.

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H&S Management Software

Strengthen your health & safety system

No matter how big or small the business, our H&S Management Software makes health and safety compliancy a breeze.

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Plus - HR Analytics

Going the extra mile in compliance

Plus provides the ammo to make your business better. By producing top level business intelligence reports, employers are made aware of issues that they may not otherwise have noticed.

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