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UK Payroll for Multinational Companies

A global partner with UK expertise

It’s a simple fact that many organisations nowadays recruit employees from all over the world. In today’s globalised economy, this brings many benefits to your business, but can lead to some complications in terms of administration.

If, for example, you currently have no presence in a particular country but want to employ staff there, would you know where to start or how to go about it?

As a leading UK payroll provider, here at Moorepay we offer specialist multinational payroll services across the UK for companies that do not yet have registered offices here but want to begin the recruitment process.

Work with us to help establish your UK presence and make sure some of your most valuable resources are taken care of.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • How It Works

Features & Benefits – Multinational Payroll

  • A comprehensive uk payroll solution for overseas employers that ensures an effective and accurate system is in place.
  • Our qualified and experienced multinational payroll team replaces the need for specialist in-house knowledge.
  • With a dedicated payroll services UK helpline facility on hand at all times, we can respond to any payroll queries that you or your staff may have.
  • Easy to understand, detailed reporting including departmental costings and pension reports.
  • Tax year-end processing is provided that covers your payroll services UK-wide.
  • Ongoing tax support as part of the package.

How it Works – Multinational Payroll

We understand that dealing with global business is complex, so all of our managed multinational payroll services can be tailored to meet your needs exactly.

Whether you require multinational payroll for a single employee or a large workforce, our UK payroll services will cover each specific situation and each individual company. Overseas employers can be confident that any staff they recruit will be paid accurately, on time, every time and that all legal obligations have been met.

A clear, easy-to-understand overview of all payroll activity in the UK is provided via our secure management reporting and delivered directly to your company’s head office, wherever its global location may be.

UK employees can receive their payslips, either posted to their home address or electronically (via secure servers) and, if you have a UK banking presence, we can even pay their salaries via BACS payments and all your HMRC payments, which saves you time, money and keeps you compliant.

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