Next Generation software

Your upgrade hub

This is your centralised upgrade hub, containing the mandatory upgrade process, advising you what you need to do ahead of your upgrade and to take you through what you must do before your upgrade.



Please read below and watch the video for actions you must take before your upgrade. You’ll need to complete the following mandatory actions before you can be upgraded. Watch our short video or read below.

  • Path

    You’ll need to review pre-upgrade documentation sent from our onboarding team after your contract has been received. As part of this you’ll need to review and return the upgrade checklist.

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    Review hierarchy

    Before your upgrade it’s important for you to review security levels, org units and user profiles. To help you with this please use this guide to hierarchy reports. 

    We advise administrators to conduct a review of their hierarchy ahead of the upgrade. Please review your positions, organisation units and security profiles. This is particularly relevant if you use leave, timesheets, expenses and approval/workflow functionality. Please ensure that positions are assigned correctly to the appropriate org unit and security profile. Errors in your hierarchy will affect the visibility of team members to managers, approval workflows and corrections after the upgrade may incur additional costs.

    If you need support to conduct a hierarchy review, we can provide ‘how to’ instructions to run your own Position, Org Unit & Security Profile reports (to review your hierarchy).

  • Employee email addresses

    As part of the upgrade, all employees logging into the system will need a valid email address, this is to improve usability and access.

    We advise administrators to review email addresses, ensuring they are up to date. Full names, length of service, email addresses held in the business email field, phone number and work mobile will be visible to ALL employees through the phonebook functionality. If your organisation uses personal email addresses in this field this will be a GDPR risk if the phonebook functionality is switched on. This can be switched off ahead of the upgrade on instruction, or by client administrator via (configuration within the security screen).

  • Inform Employees

    It’s a good idea to let your employees know that changes are coming. You’ll need to review advisory documents noting all changes, these can be found here.

  • Complete eLearning

    Depending on whether you have managed or software only payroll solution you’ll need to carry out our eLearning training to ensure you’re getting the most out of the upgrade.

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    Get familar

    Get familiar with what your upgrade looks like, if you have changed your bundle you might have new features included in our software which you will want to update your employees on. You’ll always want to know who your key contacts at Moorepay are, including your upgrade team.

Important information

Please read all of the below sections and watch the video as they hold important information and changes vital to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade.

  • Payroll reports

    Payroll reports will be available from the reports module/tile within the Next Generation application. They are available as separate pages and a consolidated report.

  • Equal opportunities data

    Equal opportunities information is held within the contract screen and contains date of birth. This screen is visible to the standard manager profile as it is in MPHR currently. 

  • Basic pay data

    Basic pay data is visible to the standard manager profile (as it is in MPHR). If you have managers who are on the same level and organisation unit (perhaps for visibility of the leave calendar), this data will be visible for these managers. If you do not want your managers to be able to have visibility of the basic pay screen and attachments (such as contractual documents) you will need to change their profiles accordingly. 

  • Contact details

    Contract details and history are visible to the standard manager profile (as they are in MPHR).

  • Post Pay Changes (Software Clients)

    Early Pay Modelling has been changed to Post Pay Changes which can be used to make adjustments after initial preview reports have been created.

  • Leavers

    If you have not removed/deleted leaver user security profiles, they may still have access to their payroll information. If you do not want a leaver to have access to the software, please remove their user security profile accordingly.

  • eLearning

    You will be provided with e-learning to support your upgrade. We advise that you complete this eLearning prior to the upgrade as there are changes to some screens which may affect the way in which you use the software. In addition to the eLearning, in application can be found throughout the application when you see a bubble or ⓘ. 

  • Access change – Admin/ Super admin

    In the NextGen application there is now an additional level of Administrator; a Super Admin in addition to the standard admin profile. Super Admin leave requests are automatically approved, they can review, approve and reject all leave applications submitted by anyone within the business, receive email notifications when a leave application is approved by a manager and are able to create other Super Admin user accounts. 

  • Email verification and first login attempt

    All users will be required to verify their email address, reset password and login. Employees will not be able to access the NextGen application if this process isn’t completed. Instructions are available in the pre-upgrade documentation guides. To note: Administrators will be required to provide password resets if EE’s lock themselves out of the application.

  • password-desktop-approved

    When you first login to the Next Gen Application, you will have a new Dashboard. This dashboard provides a clear view of where you may be in the processing schedule. Please note that the data that informs this dashboard would have been created your original build and may not reflect more recent changes in your schedule.

  • New URL

    The Next Generation application has a NEW URL Anyone trying to access the system with the old URL will receive an error message. We would advise clients to instruct Employees to remove any pre-saved bookmarks.

  • The upgraded application

    Due to the improved scrolling design on the Next Generation application, users are visiting more screens within the application. They are visiting more screens and therefore there is often an increase in queries to the administrator over the first few week after the upgrade.

Upgrade day

On the day of the upgrade there are several steps your upgrade team will take to ensure your transition goes smoothly. Watch our video for more details about your upgrade day.

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    We’ll review your database upgrade. (Outside of UK working hours). We will then run Bespoke Profile security protocol (within UK working hours). Your database will be ready from approximately 9am. We’ll drop you an email you to confirm the upgrade is complete.

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    SSO, MFA and changes to service might not be delivered on the same day as your upgrade as they’re carried out by separate teams, due to requiring additional support.

Next Generation eLearning

To understand our Next Generation Software better please complete the relevant eLearning below ahead of your upgrade.

  • Payroll Software customers

    If you’re just using our payroll software, please use the link below.

  • Managed Payroll customers

    If you’re using our Managed Payroll service, this eLearning course is for you.

User guides

We’ll send these directly to your inbox, or you can download them from here.

Other user guides

Helpful guides specific to your upgrade, for both you and your employees.