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Online Payroll Software

Simple Web Based Payroll Solutions

This easy-to-use, cost effective payroll software has been specifically developed for smaller businesses, giving you the efficiency you need without the huge expense.

Your life will be made instantly easier as our web-based payroll system handles all your weekly and monthly payments quickly and without fuss, leaving you free to take care of other tasks.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • How It Works

Features & Benefits of Online Payroll

  • Easily and flexibly enter ad-hoc details of new starters, overtime and other changes on the online payroll.
  • Simply and securely set up pay and personal details via our web-based payroll system.
  • Data is submitted to Moorepay quickly and simply for checking.
  • Output of the online payroll, including payslips and management reports, can be printed at any time from anywhere.
  • You have easy access to contemporary and archived information.
  • Direct BACS transfers to employees’ accounts and to HMRC.
  • Options include manual processing of data such as age exemption evidence for NI purposes, MATB1, etc., by Moorepay’s payroll specialists.
  • We can file your end of year returns using data from the online payroll software, to ensure you remain fully compliant with HMRC regulations.
  • You’re never on your own, as full support for your online payroll services is offered with an online manual and a dedicated telephone helpdesk.

How Does Our Online Payroll Solution Work?

With simple installation and ongoing maintenance provided by us, you don’t need to worry about in-house IT skills.

Once installed, this online payroll software takes care of all input via the web and uses only the features you require. The result is an online payroll option that may be easy to use, but is far from basic in terms of capability.

Security is provided through our website’s use of 128MB encryption software, which is credit card secure and means your data will never be accessed by anyone else.

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