P45 / Leaver payslip FAQs

Check below for any questions you might have about the recent update to P45 / Leaver payslips.


Will there be any charges incurred for my change requests?

Customers will not be charged to move from printed P45s to digital P45s.

Customers will be charged if they wish to make their whole service (payslips, P60s and P45s) digital or enable online payslips. This is because these changes require Employee Self-Service, requiring a technical change.

Once my P45s are digital, where can I find them?

Once your request has been actioned you will find P45s delivered as individual PDFs in your payroll reports.

What are the charges for printed P45s / Leaver payslips?

Print and postage costs will be the same as the standard print cost for a payslip. Details of this will be included in your Customer Agreement.

If I decide to opt for digital P45s when will this change happen?

The functionality will be made available on 14 September 2021. Therefore, depending on the frequency and timing of your pay-run, we will aim to make this change for your next pay-run after the 14 September 2021. This will also depend on when the customer completes the form.

Does this impact what I see under my charge descriptions?

Please be aware that you will see changes to the wording in your charge descriptions. Please see wording below:

Previous charge description ‘Payslip print run’ - is now visible as ‘Pay Docs - Print Run.’

Previous charge description ‘Postage charge’ - is now visible as ‘Pay Docs - Posted Collective.’

How do I know if I currently receive printed P45s?

Currently all customers should receive printed P45s. If you no longer wish to receive printed P45s and wish to make them digital you must make a request this through this form.

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