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Performance Management

Effectively improve an employees’ skill level, knowledge and performance

In these challenging business times the contribution of every employee counts. It is vital that every employee understands what’s expected of them and that you or your line managers are providing the support to help each individual perform to their best.

Too often performance management is seen as an annual routine where managers record performance objectives for employees, file the results and then plans and objectives are never actioned.

Moorepayhr performance management helps automate the performance review process. It allows managers to track short and long term employee goals, career aspirations, key strengths, areas for development and assess an employee’s progress from review to review.

It improves your performance management processes while reducing the administration that goes with it.

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  • Features
  • Benefits

Features of Performance Management

  • The Performance Management module can be readily customised to ensure the best possible fit
  • Customisation is supported by an intuitive design wizard that guides you in modifying content and onscreen appearance of performance management templates.
  • You can create any number of templates, enabling specific templates for each business department and position.
  • Track short and long term employee goals, career aspirations, key strengths and areas for development
  • Managers can drill down and gain an immediate and detailed status report on individual reviews
  • It provides a single view with an up to date status of every active performance review, authorised users can drill down and gain an immediate and detailed status report on individual reviews.
  • Managers can access historical information and their team members’ past performance reviews.

Benefits of Performance Management

  • Reduce administrative overheads required to manage and conduct performance reviews.
  • Comprehensive reporting options enable structured performance discussions that go beyond the management of employees’ objectives.
  • Simplify tracking of goals and competencies across multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Improve accuracy and flow of information throughout the organisation by means of customisable workflows.
  • Customisable KPIs with multiple formats for different groups.
  • New starter probationary review support and induction monitoring.
  • Employee progress can be assessed from review to review.
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