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Personnel Administration

A comprehensive HR database at your fingertips

Our Personnel module allows you to hold, record and organise employee information from the moment you recruit them to the moment they leave. 

Every business function relies on accurate data to help make informed business decisions, HR is no different.  More recently it has become even more important to store and maintain information about your employees and our Personnel module allows you to do just that.

Our Personnel module acts as a central source of information for the complete suite of processes, making it easier to for you to manage and make use of information about your employees and business.

With user-friendly form and fields, and easy search tool you can record personnel information, manage leave and locate salary and employment information, quickly. With our Hire facility, new employees can be added within minutes.

As a result, you can manage your people data quickly and efficiently, giving you the information you need exactly when you need it.

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  • Features
  • Benefits

Features of Personnel Administration

You can hold, record and organise employee information, including:

  • Personnel Overview – Contact information, dependents, emergency contacts, bank details, attachments, passport details, driving license held, etc.
  • Employment information – Date of joining, years of service, position, department, duties, cost centres, Tax code / NI code, etc.
  • Leave – Leave entitlements and history
  • Salary & Employment – Details of salary & bonus, contracted hours, working days, etc.
  • YTD Gross – Tax & Net Breakdown of earnings
  • Previous Employment – Internal and external history
  • Disciplinary History – Record disciplinary actions and outcomes
  • Equipment Issues – Details of equipment issued – date of issue / number of items etc.
  • Company Car & Van – Listed company vehicles – reg / date issued / value / co2, etc.
  • Memberships – Memberships held
  • Notes – Make detailed notes relating to any employee

Benefits of Personnel Administration

  • A comprehensive HR database, providing a complete overview of your personnel.
  • It’s quick and easy to locate, update and view all employee information.
  • Our employee self-service facility allows everyone to update personal information.
  • Secure and backed-up database to keep your employee HR information safe.
  • Reduce the need for paper based documentation, simplifying your HR processes.
  • Add a new employee within minutes.
  • Data Protection Act compliant
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