Cloud-based Payroll & HR Software

  • Accredited by HMRC and the CIPP’s Payroll Assurance Scheme.

  • Our integrated Payroll & HR Software is safe and secure on the latest Microsoft Azure technology.

  • It’s packed with automation to save you time, guarantee accuracy and ensure worry-free compliance.


Integrated payroll & HR software designed for businesses with 30-1000 employees. Get one source of truth for your people data and save precious time.

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    Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce the risk of making costly mistakes.

  • Enjoy automated payroll & HR calculations that will save you time.

  • Get technical support from UK-based, subject matter experts who are on-hand to help by phone or email.

  • Benefit from secure, cloud-based software, accessible 24/7, with no downloads required.

  • Our software is always up to date with the latest payroll & HR legislation, making compliance worry-free.

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What does our cloud-based Payroll & HR Software actually do?

Our Next Generation Payroll & HR Software is packed with great features to make life easy.

  • Automated calculations

    Software that does the hard work for you. No need to manipulate your data offline our software incorporates the latest SSP, OSP, holiday accruals and Auto-Enrolment legislation to calculations and runs them for you.

  • Employee Self-Service

    Your employees quickly access payslips, book leave, complete performance reviews, and keep their records current in one place, online, any time they want. Also available in a Mobile App.

  • True integration

    Our payroll & HR software are one and the same – that means one source of truth for your precious data, one lot of data entry for your team, and one less thing to worry about.

  • New starter wizard

    Get helpful prompts when inputting your new starter data. Save time by only inputting your people data once, before it’s reflected in real-time across other areas of the system.

  • Recruitment & Selection

    Build a comprehensive database of candidates, and store and analyse your advertising costs to run and review successful recruitment campaigns.

  • Timesheets & expenses

    It’s easy for employees to log expense claims and relating receipts and submit timesheets. Set-up hierarchy workflows to ensure these requests go to the right place for approval.

  • Reporting & analytics

    Gain valuable business insights from your people data – fast! Export board-ready reports at the push off a button and say farewell to fiddling with data in excel.

  • Auto-enrolment ready

    Workplace pensions made easy! Calculate employer and employee pension contributions at the push of a button, upload the pension contributions to the pension provider and initiate payment with the pension provider. Easily manage your opt-ins and outs in software and see it reflected in employee deductions.

  • Helpful reminders & support

    Built in features and reminders make payroll processing even easier, making sure you never miss a deadline. Guided support features throughout the software make it super user-friendly – both you and your employee have support on tap.

Expect plenty of automation and flexible integration

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    Automated calculations

    Our cloud-based payroll software is packed with automated calculations, so the payroll heavy lifting is done for you – saving you time and money!

  • Accuracy and compliance

    From OSP, SSP, AE, holiday accruals all rates are auto applied – with accuracy and compliance as standard.

  • Flexible integration

    Our flexible payroll software easily integrates with your existing systems, be that HR, time and attendance, benefits (the list goes on) – no more double data entry!

You'll love how easy it is....

  • Easy to use

    Enjoy a logical menu structure, intuitive interface and pop-ups that guide you through the software.

  • Easy to access

    Our online software integrates with your other systems and can be used anytime, anyplace.

  • Easy to trust

    Continuous security monitoring, locked-down data, and technology that’s backed by Microsoft Azure.

It’s easy to use, but our UK-based team is here for you

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    Hands-on technical help

    Say goodbye to raising tickets and waiting around. Whenever you need technical support, our team of friendly experts are available over the phone or over email, and at no extra cost.

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    Real support from real people

    We’ll also make sure you get the most from your cloud-based payroll software with additional support from real people, whenever you need it.

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    Experts keeping you compliant

    Our CIPP & CIPD qualified industry specialists keep up with fast-changing, complex legislation, to keep our payroll software up to date and make payroll & HR easy.

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