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A powerful, integrated reporting tool

The ability to access, analyse and share HR information is critical to your ability to manage your business.  

Our reporting module offers query and reporting capabilities giving you an in-depth picture of your personnel costs, productivity and lots more.

As well as a suite of standard reports you can also create ad-hoc and custom reports through our integrated reporting tool, called Extractor.

Extractor is a powerful data extraction tool, that allows you to design a report and then select the format your data will be displayed in. Extractor allows you to insert a logo, columns, different fonts, etc.

There are a number of standard reports that we have developed such as recruitment rejection letters, training reminder letters and benchmarking reports to show turnover, HR  and KPI’s.  

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  • Features
Moorepayhr Reporting main features:
  • MS Excel – With full integration to MS Excel, you can export data from Moorepayhr straight into columns and cells that are found in MS Excel. A simple and easy way to report on your employees.
  • Presenter – Moorepayhr Presenter is report presentation tool that provides clients with basic formatting capabilities for reports without a software license cost or huge training overhead.
  • Crystal Reports – Crystal is an industry leading powerful reporting tool, which provides the ability to create graphical reports and letters.
  • Export – The Export capability extracts data into a CSV file format for import into another system.

Furthermore, using the reporting module you can automate the running and e-mail distribution of reports – making your life easier.

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