Cloud Cover: Guide to Cloud Computing

Cloud Cover: Guide to Cloud Computing

Cloud Cover: Guide to Cloud Computing

Gain a better understanding of cloud computing and discover how you can use it to cut costs and improve your HR and payroll functions.

Sections include:

  • Useful cloud statistics
  • What can SMEs gain from the cloud
  • How can the HR and payroll department benefit
  • The cons of cloud
  • Is it for you?

Read an excerpt:

‘When cloud computing first gained precedence, many organisations were reluctant to outsource core functions such as payroll and HR to Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Concerns over security were the main factor in the resilience to make the migration. What these companies didn’t realise was that the cloud offer incredible security. In fact, as soon as you save data in the cloud it becomes securely encrypted, it is then sent through managed networks and winds up stored in remote server farms which possess some of the most aggressive security systems that exist…’

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Cloud Cover: Guide to Cloud Computing

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