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Small Business Payroll

Small business equals big responsibility. Let us share it

Running a small business can be one of the hardest tasks, with so much to take care of and so few people to do it.

If you think that using outsourced payroll services is only for big corporations, think again. We provide tailored payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes, understand your pressures, know what works and have the answers to your problems. As your business grows, so will your HR requirements.

Need additional HR support? Our integrated payroll and HR solutions can also help. Moorepay’s payroll for small businesses gives you total peace of mind knowing that one vital area has been taken care of.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • How It Works

Features & Benefits – Small Business Payroll Solutions

  • Flexible options include small business payroll software, basic managed payroll and BACS services to enable you to receive the service you need.
  • Our team of small business payroll specialists is always only a phone call away. They understand how complex – and daunting – payroll can be and will guide you through the process every step of the way, using simple terms.
  • No in-house IT expertise is required, as all we need form you is the data to work with, which can even be emailed, faxed or dispatched to us. If you prefer, data can be sent to us online, saving you time.
  • As part of the NorthgateArinso Group, we have global reach and expertise, yet Moorepay is a specialist division that understands the needs of small businesses entirely.
  • We are BACS accredited, so you can be assured of our quality.
  • Transparent pricing structures mean you only ever pay for the business payroll you require – with no hidden costs or catches.

How it Works – Small Business Payroll Solutions

Our small business payroll service includes dedicated software for small business, developed specially for companies with less than 50 employees. It’s an easy-to-use, flexible system that gives you the freedom to get on with what you do best – run your business.

Because the needs of every small business vary hugely, our small business payroll software and services have been designed to take into account this variety and provide effective solutions tailored to your requirements, whatever they may be.

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