Moorepayhr is a cloud-based, integrated payroll & HR solution designed for businesses large and small. Thanks to a comprehensive range of payroll & HR modules, Moorepayhr adapts to suit and speed up your workflow, scaling to the size of your business as you change over time and complementing your people strategy at every stage of the employee lifecycle.


Simplify and streamline your recruitment process and reduce the hours spent sifting through candidates. Moorepayhr manages the candidates through the competency assessment functionality and tracks them through the recruitment stages, capturing interview notes and suggesting suitable candidates or alternative positions. It also enables you to track vacancies and the costs of recruitment.

Personnel Records

Moorepayhr provides a comprehensive, user-friendly HR database allowing you to update and view all employee information from the moment you recruit someone to the moment they leave. This includes permanent staff, contractors and 3rd party suppliers.

The solution enables set-up and storage of employee contracts, tracking jobs and role-specific work patterns, and enables the creation of salaries, bonuses and benefits per role, including pensions, car allowances and holiday plans. Company assets like IT equipment and mandatory compliance checks and training requirements can also be attributed to each employee.

Personnel Management

Employers need to manage relationships in the workplace to keep the business functioning smoothly, avoid problems, and make sure employees have a safe working environment where they can perform at their best.

It enables the documentation of processes such as disciplinary hearings and grievances, and also manages legislative requirements such as maternity, adoption, paternity or pension communications.

When an employee resigns or is terminated there are a number of considerations that an organisation needs to make to cleanly end the relationship between the company and the employee. Moorepayhr assists in the exit procedure through tracking the asset return and exit interviews, and calculating the holiday recovery and pay owing.

Payroll & Remuneration*

Record, analyse and effectively manage your total employment costs in real time, and ensure data accuracy by integrating your payroll & HR processes. Moorepayhr has robust payroll functionality to cover fixed and statutory changes, ongoing variable pay elements and validated pay-cycle calculations. The Moorepayhr payroll can be accessed as a bureau solution or managed service.

Performance Management

Simplify and automate your performance review process through effective employee and manager evaluations, including one-to-ones, mid-year and end of year reviews. Employee development plans can be created and record training, mentoring or industry certification & professional memberships, helping you meet the performance objectives of both the individual and the business.

Talent Management

Effectively manage employee performance and progression by identifying competency gaps, recording career aspirations, developing skills and knowledge. Competencies can be set per role, then you can use skills analysis to show gaps or suitable job matches and use the information to create succession plans and ensure business continuity.

Reward Management

Reward can be used in every part of a talent management strategy, from attracting individuals to an organisation through to employee retention and development. Moorepayhr supports this with the capability to conduct annual pay reviews, bonus runs, promotions and ad-hoc pay increases*.

Self Service

Reduce your administrative burden by allowing employees to request holidays, record absences, amend personal details and many other typical admin tasks. Requests can be instantly authorised by management.


Moorepayhr provides powerful operational and analytical reporting. Obtain accurate and in-depth data that will help drive insight to use in improving the HR function within your business.

Moorepayhr comes with a suite of standard reports:

  • Labour turnover
  • Absence cost
  • Salary budget
  • Organisation
  • Training & qualifications
  • Diversity & equality

And you can build your own custom operational and analytical reports to suit your requirements as well.


Moorepayhr allows you to record and track all workplace incidents, injuries and medical centre activity. This will help you to provide a safe workplace and comply with HSE regulations.

*Requires your payroll to be run by Moorepay