Time & Attendance

Set and record your people’s work hours and let our connected and automated devices take care of your admin via our timesheet software.

So-called ‘time theft’ has been shown to cost businesses two hours of employee time every week – that’s the equivalent of two-and-a-half-weeks’ time you’re paying for and not getting from every employee every year. Little wonder the UK has a productivity problem.

Plus without time tracking software, checking up to make sure they’re recording their time accurately, setting schedules and analysing trends steals your time too – time you know you have better ways to spend.

Time & Attendance Benefits

Increase Productivity

Free up your employees’ time, decrease staff overheads, and provide supervisors with data for more efficient, effective management of day-to-day operations with our time tracking software.

Reduce Human Error

Reduce the risk of human error using smartboxes and timesheet software to manage your time & attendance input, keeping your data clean and accurate for true T&A measurement.

Save Time, Save Money

Are you wasting time manually collecting, managing, calculating and processing time data? Our solution does this for you, increasing efficiency and saving money spent tracking time.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Improve your employee relations by giving them secure access to their personal data online, eliminating the need for the preparation of mechanical time cards and completion of timesheets.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Run powerful reports from a live database you can trust, giving your management team the information they need to make business decisions based on a true picture of time & attendance in your business.


Since our workforce management software is cloud-based, you’ll never have to use paper documents to track your employees’ time and attendance again – reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Technology you can Trust

No installations, no new IT hardware, no downloads – just modern workforce management software accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device over the cloud.

Our timesheet software module is supported by software built on the most advanced hardware where security and reliability is paramount. This means your data is DPA-compliant, secure, safe, and available only to you. All data is backed up automatically and protected by the latest virus-resistant technology.

And you have the option of industrial-grade time tracking software smartboxes suitable for any access point and use case.

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