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HR Technology

No installations, no downloads, accessible anytime, anywhere via the cloud.

Moorepayhr is a cloud-based integrated HR and Payroll solution that is provided securely over the internet via a web browser.

Cloud computing is all the rage but do you find yourself wondering what it’s all about? Don’t worry you’re not alone…

If HR technology is confusing you, here it is in a nutshell.  Put simply, cloud computing is a way of delivering software, IT infrastructure and storage over the internet. Businesses, big and small are benefiting from cloud computing as it provides the opportunity to increase your business’ capabilities or IT capacity without investing in new infrastructure or paying for expensive upgrades. The ‘cloud’ can completely change the way your business interacts with employees, customers and suppliers.

In our case, we use ‘the cloud’ to deliver our solutions as a service, over the internet via a web-browser.

Here’s where Moorepayhr comes in…

Moorepayhr is designed for the web so it’s quick and easy to set up so you’re not waiting months to use it. And because it’s delivered via the ‘cloud’, you don’t have to worry about or pay for any expensive software upgrades or the hardware environment that goes with it – there are no installations or downloads and you can access it anytime, anywhere!

And with ongoing support, backups and server management your IT department can focus on improving the day-to-day technical operations of your business and not having to worry about maintaining an aging infrastructure.

  • Web based – quick and easy to set up
  • Reduced carbon footprint – No installation, downloads or hardware to purchase
  • Scalable, suitable for businesses with a few employees or hundreds
  • All major web-browsers supported; IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and many more.
  • Works on PC or Mac
  • No upgrades costs
Data Security
  • Moorepayhr runs on the most advanced hardware environments where security and reliability is paramount
  • Utilising the latest technology you will benefit from high server availability
  • All data is automatically backed up and is protected by the latest virus resistant technology
  • You own your data
  • Your privacy assured – no adverts or intrusions of any kind.
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