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Time & Attendance

Moorepayhr Time & Attendance - Manage your time, resources and attendance whilst improving your productivity.

Are you spending too much of your precious time preparing time sheet information, creating reports and scheduling your employees?

At Moorepay, we know you don’t want these time-consuming tasks to disrupt your business. That’s why Moorepayhr Time & Attendance has been designed to take care of everything for you.

Remove the hassle of time sheets and improve payment accuracy

Managing your workforce in an efficient, fast and smart way can significantly improve your profits and productivity. With our comprehensive time and attendance solution, you’ll save a huge amount of time and money…

  • Save up to 7 minutes per employee per week for manual input of time sheets
  • Improve payroll calculation accuracy by up to 3%
  • Reduce ‘time theft’ (lateness, long lunch breaks etc) of up to 2 hours per employee, per week.
  • Eliminate the need to manually check time sheets or schedule employees manually

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  • Features
  • Benefits

Features of Time & Attendance

  • Cloud-based time and attendance – Your employees can clock in and out from their PC or mobile device through employee self-service.
  • On-site clocking in – Traditional clocks or bio-metric devices such as fingerprint scanners allow on-site employees to clock in and out of work easily and securely.
  • Effective cost allocation – Allocate employees’ time against different cost centres, jobs or products.
  • Workforce management – Automatically set working schedules and record absences, giving managers the ability to providing flexible control over the workforce.
  • Flexi time – Specify ‘core’ times that your employees must be present and they can work flexible hours for the rest if desired.
  • Performance indicators – Moorepayhr Time & Attendance will help you control staffing levels by highlighting employees on leave and staff shortages in particular areas.
  • Time authorisation – Employees can request changes to timesheet data via self-service. Managers or Administrators can then authorise requests.
  • Reporting – Moorepayhr Time & Attendance has built-in reporting and query tools, enabling online reporting.
  • Integrate with HR software – Integrate with our comprehensive HR solution, Moorepayhr, to make your life even easier – with features including seamless payroll updates. Alternatively, you can integrate with any other HR and payroll software.

Benefits of Time & Attendance

  • Reduce errors – Reduce the risk of human errors, while ensuring an easy, impartial, and orderly approach in addressing specific needs without any confusion.
  • Increase productivity – Free up your employees’ time, decrease staffing overheads and provide supervisors with data for more effective management. Moorepayhr Time & Attendance works seamlessly to make day-to-day operations more efficient and convenient.
  • Save money – Are you wasting time manually collecting, managing, calculating and processing time data? With Moorepayhr Time & Attendance, all this is done for you, increasing efficiency and saving money.
  • Increase employee satisfaction – Improve your employee relations by giving employee secure access to personal data online via The Cloud and eliminating the need for preparation of time sheets and mechanical time cards. You can also integrate it with our comprehensive Moorepayhr solution so they can access to payslips and can book holidays securely, anytime, anywhere.
  • Eco-friendly – Since Moorepayhr Time & Attendance is cloud-based, you’ll never have to use paper documents to track your employees’ time and attendance again – reducing your company’s carbon footprint.
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