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Reviewing your Payroll Provider

Whether you process the payroll yourself or you outsource it to a provider; the stakes are high. Getting the payroll right, on time, every time, is crucial. So, you need to know how well your payroll provider is doing.

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The Guide

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the reasons behind a regular review of your payroll provider. There’s also a section on the areas that should be reviewed, to help you get a picture of what software and service opportunities are out there. We encourage you to compare this with what you’re getting now, to make sure you’re not settling for less.

Download the guide to find out:

  • Why review your payroll provider?
  • Getting value for money from your provider
  • The impact on recruitment and retention
  • What to review: what does good and bad look like?
  • When and who should review?

Top Frustrations: What Our Survey Found

Limited functionality

34.55% of our survey respondents cited limited software functionality as a top frustration

Limited analytics

33.64% said they're frustrated by their software's limited reporting and analytics

Customer service

26.36% feel that poor customer service from their provider is a top frustration

Lack of automation

25.45% of payroll professionals said they feel frustrated by a lack of automation

CIPP's Survey Findings

  • In their Future of Payroll Report February 2019, 49.73% of CIPP’s survey respondents felt their payroll software was either slightly less or a lot less effective than it should be.
  • We conducted our own study to see for ourselves how happy SMEs are with their payroll providers…
  • Only 17.27% of people surveyed would recommend their current payroll provider to a friend or colleague.
  • Further, we found that 33.64% of people said they do not receive value for money from their payroll provider.
  • Yet CIPP also found that more than two thirds (66.3%) of their survey respondents said they’re not looking to review their payroll provider.

Find out more

If you're unsure how well your current provider is doing and you'd like help with how to review them, download our free guide.

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