April 30, 2015

Can The Cloud improve your HR?

It can be tricky to keep up with the day-to-day HR needs of your workforce.

Paperwork, approvals, requests for information and staying compliant – they all take away from the main objectives of your business.

Cloud-based HR systems can help remove the administrative stress from your growing HR needs and allow you to concentrate on your business.

You already use the cloud…and may not even know it

Over 75% of businesses are in, or are looking to move to, The Cloud for a variety of reasons. But if you use social media or bank online you are probably quite familiar with The Cloud.

The Cloud is simple, mobile can be accessed instantly and is easy to use – which is why HR is also moving into it…it makes business much simpler.

How can The Cloud can reduce your HR burden in 2014?

For a small business, The Cloud can be instrumental in increasing efficiency in HR – mobile access and visibility making all the complicated processes simple.  There will also be no major changes to your infrastructure and you’ll be up and running quickly.

  • Staff members become empowered –instant access to the applications and resources through their smart phone or laptop. Employees can view and amend their personal details reducing time.
  • HR staff can delegate their time much more proactively through simplified workflows, reduced absence costs and improved reporting.

So, what exactly can I do in the cloud?

Say goodbye to wall-planners, paper holiday forms and complicated Excel spreadsheets.

Self-service eliminates paperwork,, meaning employees can request absences, update information and request training.

Also, all records held electronically in the cloud can be accessed easily and searched in seconds, from anywhere, anytime.


The Cloud can take away the headaches and restrictions of conventional HR methods. Make sure you find a company who you can trust and develop your business with as new techonlogy develops

For more information, check out our Cloud whitepaper and take a look at our cloud-based HR software brochure.

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