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Welcome to Moorepay’s payroll career series

Over three fantastic webinars we share everything you need to know about how to excel in the payroll industry.

Episode 1

How to progress

A unique webinar designed to help you progress in your role.

Two Moorepay celebrities joined us to share their expertise in both payroll and people management roles and what it takes to excel!

Christina Holloway (Head of Specialised Services) walks through the common myths of working in payroll, different options for working in the industry, opportunities to progress from mid to senior positions and how to use software to your advantage to get ahead.

Then, Jenn Morrell (Senior Payroll Team Manager) shares insights from the Moorepay Payroll Academy she’s leading. From how to train new payroll recruits to key learnings and how to plan a successful succession.

Episode 2

Anything but ordinary

Discover a world of payroll that’s far removed from just number inputting, processing and spreadsheets.

Vicki Graham, Business Developement Director from CIPP leads the way in sharing her own inspiring payroll career story.

She is then followed by Moorepay’s own Victoria Horrocks (Implementation Manager), Dudley Barber (Head of Payroll Services) and Dave Mcloughlin (Senior Lead Developer) who will also discuss the opportunities and challenges they face in their roles and how they got there.

Episode 3

Embracing neurodiversity

Discover what neurodiversity can bring to the field of payroll.

Cybill draws upon her own personal and professional experience to discuss neurodiversity in the payroll profession with honesty and insight. From why payroll can be a great industry to work in, to how neurodivergent people can excel in the profession by bringing unique strengths to the role, to overcoming challenges of being neurodivergent in the professional world.

This webinar is not only perfect for understanding your own career journey, but for better understanding your colleagues, reports, and those who work in your industry as well.

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