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Expense management

HR Module

Expense management

  • Manage the whole process from submission to payment.
  • Distribute expenses admin with flexible configuration.
  • Quickly and accurately create reports by department and cost code.

What does our Expenses Management Software actually do?

Functionality you and employees will love

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    Payroll integration

    Never pull an expense report for your payroll team again. Our all-in-one system means data flows smoothly from one to the other. Goodbye spreadsheets and human error!

    Reduce your payroll data input, inefficiencies and improve accuracy, getting your employees paid properly, and quickly 

  • Customisable workflows

    Customise your approval chain to keep the whole thing moving. No more manually approving every submission and tracking claims in spreadsheets. Set up line managers or multiple users for approval, and with flexible configuration you can customise workflows to suit your business.  

  • Self-service

    Claims take a matter of minutes, employees can click and submit with real-time receipts. Managers can quickly jump in and approve claims, saving you the hassle! No more back and forth with employees, users can see where claims are up to, reducing those annoying chasers.   

  • Reporting & analytics

    All your expenses data, in one place. Report by department, cost code and area to keep a close eye on your people, and their spending. Get at a glance expenditure insights so you can scale, and fast. Create accurate and robust budgets that you can fall back on, cutting out the estimation.    

  • Policy compliance

    Set your bespoke policy limits in the system to make sure your employees don’t go over budget. With caps and triggers that highlight overspend by user level and department, you can ensure your employees are well within policy every time they submit a claim.  

  • Mileage calculations

    As if our expenses module wasn’t good enough already, we’ve chucked in automatic mileage calculations. With the help of handy google address look-up your employees won’t have to waste time calculating pennies for petrol. It’s already done for them.  

Faff-free expenses

  • Remove HR admin

    It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets! Reduce the need for HR intervention, get your employees and managers submitting and approving their expenses and mileage.
  • Drive policy compliance

    Never get bogged down with a boozy brunch again. Set up smart limits in our software that mean your employees can’t overserve themselves on the company card.
  • Touch-free into payroll

    Forget hours of pulling your employee expense reports and pushing them through to payroll. Our complete software means expense data is reflected in employee pay.

Mobile App

Expenses, but pocket-sized

Imagine an app where your employees can manage their expenses on-the-go, which (when approved) are automatically added to their payroll…

Well, stop dreaming because all is possible in the Moorepay Mobile App! Say hello to a joined-up employee experience from train ticket to payslip. Explore it all in our new demo app.

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Easy to use

Save time and simplify expenses

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    Improved compliance
    Reduce overspend and budget flex, get your policy requirements built into your expenses workflows, so overspend never gets approved.
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    Automated workflows
    Automate approval processes, get your managers doing the grunt work when it comes to approval. Empower team leaders to manage team budgets and claims.
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    Helpful reminders
    Your managers will get handy reminders based on approval flow, while your employees will be able to visualise where their claim is up to.

Easy to access

Reduce your expense admin

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    Employee self-service
    It’s a simple snap and submit for your employees. Give your workforce the ability to submit and track their own claims, so you don’t have to on their behalf.
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    Manager approval
    Set up approval workflows and give your managers the power. They’ll manage expense budget lines and see claims from their team all in one spot.
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    Quick reports
    It’s bigger, better and badder financial control in your business. No manual manipulation, just smart metrics to get you to what you need, and quickly!
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Easy to trust

A secure platform

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    Store a wealth of data in one spot, securely of course! With our UK data storage, your employee data is safe and sound.
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    Compliance & data protection
    Comply with your own policies and employee payments, by keeping data up to date and in one place.
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    Trust your data
    Get accurate data, in a couple of clicks. See expenditure insights in a couple of clicks, or go as granular as you like.

Transform the way you report on expenses

  • Remove reporting faff. See employee spend clear as day with visual dashboards and reports.
  • Never miss a beat. Spot company and department trends with accurate data right at your fingertips.
  • Keep a close eye on company spending so you can deliver accurate forecasts and budgets.
Expense reporting

Want to see how it works?

Book a demo to see how we can make managing your expenses a doddle.

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