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Time & Attendance System

Time & Attendance System

  • Easily record your employees’ hours, automate collecting and calculating their timesheets, and eliminate time theft.
  • Produce and distribute rotas in a matter of minutes, not hours.
  • Ditch paper timesheets, reduce the time spent inputting data, and mitigate the risk of human error.


Great stuff you can expect from our system

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    Less time wasting, less hassle
    No more wasting time manually collecting and processing your attendance data. A digital system makes things automatic, fast, and admin-free.
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    Go green
    Ditching paper timesheets is eco-friendly, reducing your company’s carbon footprint.
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    Happier staff
    Give them secure, online access to their personal data and eliminate the need for them to prepare mechanical timecards and manually complete timesheets.
HCM software Time and Attendance

Easy to access

Accessible on the go

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    Cloud-based access
    Employees can view timesheets online, at any time. While admins and managers can quickly review attendance and approve timesheet submissions.
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    Employee self-service
    Employees can quickly add in their timesheet data, so you don’t have to! Employees can mass upload their hours across multiple days and submit timesheets for approval quickly!
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    Payroll & HR complete
    Our all-in-one solution means that timesheet data flows straight through into payroll and employee profiles, without you lifting a finger!
T&A on the go

Key features of our easy-to-use Time & Attendance Software

Software features you and your business will love.

  • Workforce management

    Quickly record contracted and additional hours, including overtime. Using our custom references you’ll be able to proportion hours to projects, tasks and assign rates throughout the system.

    Setup time allocation to dedicated projects, cost codes and business areas. When inputting timesheets our system will recognise employee working pattern, helping you allocate time as overtime.

  • Rotas

    Once you’ve scheduled an employee’s working hours, you can build a rota straight from our system. Our rotas make it plain as day to see associated costs and add employee shifts to rotas. Our clever system will auto calculate hours against each employee, so it’s easy for you, and your employees to plan their time.  

    Once your rotas are done and dusted you can issue these straight to your employees via the notification panel. If you feel like going back to basics, in a couple of clicks you can download rotas straight to print.  

  • Clocking-in and out

    Whatever your business, tracking the ins and the outs is important! With our software employees can clock-in directly from their desktop or their mobile. Or if you work in an industry where you need physical tracking a QR code can quickly be generated straight from our system.  

  • Time authorisation

    Employees can quickly and easily request timesheet changes in employee self-service, and it’s simple for managers and admins to approve it all.

  • Set flexitime

    It’s easy to set core business hours in the system to enable flexible working options, whilst maintaining employee presence in the hours you need them most.

  • Pay

    It goes without saying your employees want to be fairly paid for the hours they work. All time and attendance data flows straight through into payroll. Reducing the risk of time theft and making sure your employees are paid accurately and on time.  

  • Automation

    We’re all about saving time. That’s why we’ve automated as much as we can for you through our system. Managers will get automated flags when an employee is working over their allocation. We’ll automate fair rota production and ensure workload is evenly distributed. 

  • Reporting

    Comprehensive reporting will give visibility on staff hours, hours worked, overtime and spend. With allocation you’ll be able to drilldown into exactly what was spent in labour on certain projects, meaning you can run more accurate estimations in future! 

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    Bespoke reporting

    Run powerful reports from a live database you can trust. Review past attendance, reveal patterns, create your own bespoke reports and plan for the future thanks to an accurate picture of time and attendance.

Mobile App

T&A, but pocket-sized

That’s right: your employees can manage their timesheets on-the-go in the Moorepay Mobile App!

Easy access for them, wherever they are, and less HR admin for you. Say hello to a joined-up employee experience from payslip to timesheet. Explore it now in our new demo app experience.


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What else can you look forward to?

Check out just a few of the benefits when opting for our Time & Attendance System.

  • Improve HR accuracy

    With our all-in-one software there’s no double-handling of data, saving you time and reducing human error.
  • Get reports – fast!

    Get valuable insights at the push of a button thanks to powerful reporting that pulls from your real-time attendance data.
  • Save money

    Ensure working time is reported correctly to remove time theft and money wasted from inaccurate reporting.

It’s time to make T&A a doddle

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Time and Attendance FAQs

We answer the most frequently asked questions about our HR Time & Attendance Software.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based Time and Attendance system? 

Time and attendance software modernises the way hours are tracked and how working patterns are distributed. Plus, it keeps communication visible to employees, here are some of the other benefits: 

Reduces admin – remove the HR admin that comes with creating and issuing rotas and reporting on employee time tracking.  

Audit trail – storing time data in the cloud means there’s a complete audit trail of employee working records and timesheets. 

Reporting – spot reoccurring themes in absence and tardiness and address them accordingly.  

Reduces time theft – ensure employees are only paid for the hours they work. 

Ensures accurate pay – pay people accurately for the hours they work. 

Aid employee wellbeing – ensure employees take regular breaks and don’t work continuous overtime.  

Do I need Time and Attendance Software? 

Your need for time and attendance software will depend on the makeup of your business, your industry and your internal policies. Here are some considerations: 
Shift workers – creating and distributing shifts without T&A software can require huge amounts of admin. If you have multiple shift workers, features like rota-creating and shift swapping can be highly beneficial. 

Regulated industry – some industries require employees to take regular breaks, and these breaks need to be recorded for health and safety reasons. T&A software can be particularly beneficial in these

Issues with absenteeism – issues with absenteeism are frequently only apparent once you have accurate reporting. T&A systems can help you report and spot trends.  

Issues with time theft – time theft can cost businesses. Businesses where time theft is an issue can often benefit from modern T&A systems.  

How do you manage time and attendance effectively? 

We recommend you have cloud-based software implemented to ensure you can manage employee time and absence properly. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider as part of your processes: 
Policy – ensure you have a tight absence and time policy. This might cover paid/unpaid absence, clock-in policy, how to notify the business of sickness and shift patterns. 

Authorisation – you’ll need to be clear internally and with the HR department who plays a role in authorising time off and rotas. 

Review – continually review your absence policy to ensure it’s up to date and compliant. 

Reporting – ensure you have accurate reporting set up so you can monitor key metrics.  

What company size does Moorepay’s HR Software best suit?

Our products are designed for a wide range of business sizes. The majority of our customers have around 30 to 1000 employees. We do have customers who are outside of that bracket, however, it depends on what the requirements are, so give us a call and our team will advise you.

Do I need HR Software?

If you’re reading this, then the answer is most probably yes. If you want to reduce the time spent on laborious HR admin, you’re sick of manually manipulating data and you feel like your HR processes need streamlining then it sounds like HR Software is for you.

Does Moorepay cover time tracking?

Our Time & Attendance module enables employees to clock in and out with ease. From desktop and their mobile phones, employees can edit their timesheets and submit them for approval. Holidays and absences are easily requested and tracked within the leave module. 

What are Time and attendance systems? 

Time and attendance systems allow you to manage and monitor the working hours of your workforce. Online systems let you accurately track and report on things like attendance, absence, working hours and breaks.   

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