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Employee Discounts

Employee Discounts

  • A simple way to offset the demand for salary increases.
  • A quick and effective way to support financial wellbeing and lifestyle.
  • Drive an improved employee experience.

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A discount package your employees will love

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    Attract and retain talent
    Offering a comprehensive discounts package is a cheaper alternative to providing salary increases. Gain a competitive edge by building a more valuable employee package.
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    Boost the employee experience
    From their payslips and leave entitlement, to discounts and financial wellbeing – employees will access it all from one spot and from the systems they’re already using.
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    Support financial wellbeing
    Make employee net pay go even further. With thousands of top brands across a wide variety of industries, there’s no limit to the amount your employees can save.
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What are the top features of our Employee Discounts?

Check out some of the key features of our online platform.

  • Lots to choose from

    Whether your employees spend their free time blitzing through DIY, have a passion for fashion, or splurge in the sun, we’ve got thousands of top brands providing instant savings.

  • Competitive discounts

    You can bank on best-in-market discounts. Our team continually benchmark savings against key industry competitors. That means you can rest easy knowing your employees are getting the most competitive discounts on the market.

  • Top savings

    However your employees like to save, we can facilitate it. From discount codes and instant vouchers to shopping cards and cashback, the savings are uncapped.

  • Instant access

    Your employees will see the savings in real-time. With instant access to codes and cards from any device. That means savings in seconds.

  • Employee communication

    As an employer you’ll want to shout about the competitive package you offer to your employees. We’re here to support you on internal communications that drive the right message, including regular employee newsletters to keep engagement high.

  • Anywhere access

    Whether it’s desktop browser, or on-the-go access from a mobile. Our discounts are easy to access and compatible on any device.

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Accessible from the App

  • Employees smiling down at their phone? That’ll be thousands of savings straight from our app.
  • Full Employee Discounts functionality, but pocket-sized.
  • Support employee financial wellbeing, helping them save across the board, in just a few clicks.
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Snap up unbeatable employee discounts

Our friendly team can show you the ins and outs of our discounts platform, so you can see if it floats your boat.

See our Employee Discount Software in action

Our friendly team can show you the ins and outs of our discounts platform, so you can see if it floats your boat.

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Employee discounts with Moorepay

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