Online Payroll Software

  • Accredited by HMRC and the CIPP’s Payroll Assurance Scheme.

  • Our easy, cloud-based Payroll Software is safe and secure on the latest Microsoft Azure technology.

  • It’s packed with automation to save you time, guarantee accuracy and ensure worry-free compliance.


What does our cloud-based Payroll Software actually do?

Our Next Generation Payroll & HR Software has plenty of bells and whistles to make your life easy.

  • Automated calculations

    Software that does the hard work for you. No need to manipulate your data offline: our software incorporates the latest SSP, OSP, holiday accruals, over and under payments to leavers, and Auto-Enrolment legislation to calculations, and runs them for you.

  • Payroll dashboard
    • See your payroll tasks, countdown to payday and payroll lockdown all in one place. 
    • Our dashboard is easy to navigate, that means no more endless searching for screens, and flipping between systems – managing payroll is much easier! 
    • Need to make changes? It’s easy to restore payroll to the point prior to cleardown. 
    • Jump to the next section to learn more about our easy payroll dashboard.
  • True integration
    • Our Payroll and HR Software are one and the same. That means one source of truth and one point of data entry.
    • We seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Office 365, so your managers and employees have greater visibility of holidays.
    • Our open API infrastructure means you can hook your existing software up to your payroll and HR system, saving you time and ensuring data accuracy.
  • New starter wizard

    Get helpful prompts when inputting your new starter data. Save time by only inputting your people data once, before it’s reflected in real-time across other areas of the system.

  • Rapid employee searching
    • See all your people data in one place. Quickly find the people you’re looking for and make changes where necessary with an intuitive search function.
    • No more wasting time cross referencing across systems and documents, the filter function makes it even easier to search by department, cost centre or other details.
  • Timesheets & expenses
    • Let employees input their own timesheet and expenses data through cloud-based Employee Self-Service available in app and via desktop. 
    • Bespoke hierarchy functions ensure approval is directed to the right person in your business. 
    • As an admin you’ll be able to bulk upload timesheets. No more manual and time-consuming timesheet uploading and laborious hours of admin. 
    • Get instant notifications on submissions so your managers can make speedy approvals.
  • Reporting & analytics
    • Our best-in-class Analytics module lets you find your payroll data quickly.
    • Export ‘out-of-the-box’ compensation dashboards or customise your metrics and drill-through into spend and salary by department and location.
    • Quickly find gender pay gap reports ready for submission and review.
    • Our Report Builder tool allows you to go granular with your payroll data, saving metrics to revisit as you like.
    • Should you have a bespoke reporting requirement our tech team are on-hand to deliver it.
  • Auto-enrolment ready
    • Workplace pensions made easy! Calculate employer and employee pension contributions at the push of a button, upload the pension contributions to the pension provider and initiate payment with the pension provider.
    • Easily manage your opt-ins and outs in software and see it reflected in employee deductions.
    • Learn more about our auto-enrolment pension solution.
  • Helpful reminders & support

    Built in features and reminders make payroll processing even easier, making sure you never miss a deadline. Guided support features throughout the software make it super user-friendly – both you and your employees have support on tap.

Managing payroll just got easy

  • Increased visibility

    See your payday countdown, period end, upcoming deadlines, when payroll is locked & completed, preview dates and key reports – it’s all fast to find!

  • Helpful reminders

    You’ll get handy alerts when employees are due to leave the business, when they’re on holiday, and when milestones and birthdays are upcoming.

  • Fast task completion

    Everything’s in one place! Quickly approve expenses, timesheets and leave, add new starters and carry out your payroll tasks.

easy to use

Expect plenty of automation and flexible integration

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    Automated calculations

    Our cloud-based payroll software is packed with automated calculations, so the payroll heavy lifting is done for you – saving you time and money!

  • Accuracy and compliance

    From OSP, SSP, AE and holiday accruals, all rates are auto applied – with accuracy and compliance as standard.

  • Flexible integration

    Our flexible payroll software easily integrates with your existing systems, be that HR, time and attendance, benefits (the list goes on) – so no more double data entry!

easy to access

Bye bye same-old old queries. Hello Mobile App!

  • Boost the employee experience of payroll and HR by giving them access to an easy-to-use Mobile App.

  • Logging in is hassle-free, fast and secure, thanks to single sign-on, biometric login capability and privacy features.

  • Your employees will easily access their payslips, P60s, and book leave – so you’ll get less queries, and have more time.

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easy to trust

Technology you can rely on

  • Microsoft Azure

    Our secure payroll software is built on the latest technology and backed by Microsoft Azure.

  • Cloud-based

    Anywhere access means greater flexibility for you and your employees.

  • Secure

    We undertake ongoing vulnerability scans, regular pen testing, and continuous monitoring through the market leader, BITSight.

See it in action

Like what you’re seeing so far? Book a demo with us and we’ll show you more…

It’s easy to use, but our UK-based team is here for you

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    Hands-on technical help

    Whenever you need technical support, our team of friendly experts are available over the phone or over email, and at no extra cost – so no more raising tickets and waiting around.

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    Real support from real people

    We’ll also make sure you get the most from your cloud-based payroll software with additional support from real people, whenever you need it.

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    Experts keeping you compliant

    Our industry specialists keep up with fast-changing, complex legislation, to keep our payroll software up to date and make payroll & HR easy.

Switching to us is simple

Our helpful team of implementation experts are rated Excellent on Trustpilot. They’ll take good care of you and your business.

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    Expert support

    Your dedicated implementation consultant will fully support you through the end-to-end switch over, making it all straight forward and hassle-free.
  • fitness-weightlift

    Minimised disruption

    Worried about time and resource availability on your side? Don’t! Our team of implementation and onboarding experts take care of the heavy lifting.
  • database-sync

    Mitigated risks

    A secure data migration is carefully managed by our team, and multiple checks and balances take place every step of the way to ensure a trouble-free process.
  • study-book

    Top-notch training

    Helpful webinars and guides are available from the get-go, so you and your team can quickly navigate the system and get the most out of your investment.

hot new feature

Microsoft Office 365 integration

  • Pending and approved holiday requests are instantly visible in Microsoft Office 365 Outlook calendars – saving employees and managers precious time!

  • Employees can now book holiday directly from Microsoft Outlook 365! So, no more faffing about logging into separate systems.

  • Why navigate in and out of systems? We’re making use of the tools your people already use – this is integration that just makes sense.

woman using computer outlook 365

Report on your payroll & HR data – fast!

  • Real-time dashboards are configured for you, to make your payroll and people data easy to digest and quick to share.

  • Produce board-ready reports at the push of a button – no more wasting time, drowning in spreadsheets.

  • Support your company strategy by quickly providing valuable data insights you can trust.


What do our customers think?

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear it directly from our payroll software customers.

Payroll software FAQs

We answer the most frequently asked questions about our payroll software.

  • What’s the difference between Moorepay’s payroll software and the ‘managed service’?

    If you want to process your payroll in-house, Moorepay’s payroll software is designed to make this easy. Save time with automated calculations and workflows and take advantage of rich functionality. Plus, you can contact our payroll team if you need help with the software. If you don’t want to do any payroll processing within your team and you want to outsource it, choose our managed service. You’ll still use our intuitive payroll software to enter your data – but our team of experts will take care of the payroll processing and ensure you’re compliant with the latest payroll legislation.

  • Does Moorepay’s payroll software integrate with HR systems?

    Moorepay provide leading-class payroll & HR software, with true integration. That means if employee details are changed in one system then it’s reflected in the other system in real-time. For example, if employee banking details are changes in Moorepay’s HR Software then this change is reflected in the Payroll Software.

    If you already have other business tools currently in use then data connections can be made through API integration. Our open API infrastructure allows data to flow seamlessly between Moorepay and third-party applications.

    We can also enable flat file data exchange and powerful import and export capabilities through our Mapper tool that allow integration.

  • What accreditations does Moorepay have?

    We’ve maintained the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professional’s PAS (Payroll Assurance Scheme) accreditation since 2012. This means regularly passing a rigorous audit that was developed in partnership with HMRC. We’re also ISO accredited for both Quality Management and Information Security Management, and have the government backed Cyber Essentials certification. Plus, we’re proudly HMRC approved and accredited by the Bacs Approved Bureau Scheme.

  • How long does Moorepay’s implementation process take?

    We can move you over to Moorepay in as little as four weeks! We have a huge implementation team who manage the process and make it easy. In fact, this team are always getting 5-star reviews on Trustpilot from new customers saying how fabulous they are – check it out!

  • What can employees do via self-service?

    Every employee will have access to a cloud-based self-service platform that allows them to view and edit their personal details, view their pay history and download and view their payslips.

    If the expenses and timesheets module is a part of your software then employees will also be able to submit expense and timesheets for approval. Managers will be able to view these details, approve, reject or request more information on requests.

    Users on our Next Generation Payroll & HR Software will have access to the Moorepay Mobile App. This allows employees to manage their pay and details on the go. You can find out more about our Mobile App and its functionality here.

  • If I become a Moorepay customer, what payroll support would I get?

    Our customers love us because – unlike some of our competitors – we give them direct access to fully qualified, UK-based payroll support. That means a dedicated account manager you can contact when you need help. There’s no ticketing system, no waiting days for a response; just pick up the phone and talk to us.

  • What company size does Moorepay’s payroll & HR software best suit?

    Our products are designed for a wide range of business sizes. The majority of our customers have around 30 to 1000 employees. We do have customers who are outside of that bracket, however, it depends on what the requirements are, so give us a call and our team will advise you.

  • What do Moorepay do to ensure data security?

    Not only are Moorepay the market leader for payroll & HR software, we’re experts in protecting your sensitive data. We are ISO 27001 Accredited, which means we are regularly audited and maintain high-levels of security across our software.

    Customer payroll data is stored in a purpose-built UK-based data centre, owned and operated by IBM. All data sent to and from our services are protected through a 256Bit SSL Certificate using the HTTPS protocol.

    Our security team run regular Pen tests and vulnerability scans that give a snapshot of security. In addition to our security monitoring system, BitSight, which is continually monitoring and checking security levels and vulnerability.

  • Does Moorepay take care of pensions auto-enrolment?

    Definitely, we have an entire team of auto enrolment experts! Simply choose a pension provider, send us your employee data, register with the Pensions Regulator – and we take care of the rest. Visit our Auto-Enrolment page to learn more.

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