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P11D Service

P11D Service

  • Stress-free submissions. We’ll submit details to HMRC for you.
  • Complete compliance with new online submission legislation and deadlines.
  • Focus on running your payroll and people, while we worry about painful admin.

Why you’ll love us

Stress-free, risk-free and totally complaint

  • P11Ds? Give them here, we’ll handle all the complexities, so you don’t have to deal with stressful submission, nor worry about complying with new HMRC rules. Focus on keeping your payroll neat and tidy, while we fuss over painful admin, ensuring total compliance and timely documentation.
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Complete clarity for payrollers

  • Avoid confusing legislation
    • Do you know how to classify and submit benefits information? Forget tangling yourself up in complex legislation, we’re the experts, we know what’s what. We know our benefits in kind, and how these can impact payroll processes. We ensure complete compliance, saving you from dabbling with confusing legislation.
  • Compliant submissions
    • Never worry about a P11D deadline again! Simply handover your data and we’ll worry about getting it to HMRC on time. We’ll take your data, understanding it, run your calculations and get everything shipshape for submission.
  • Risks mitigated
    • Late and wrong submissions mean strict penalties and hefty fines. A couple of wrong digits and you could be under or overpaying NI contributions, hurting your employer brand. Save yourself all that risky business and let our quality service handle it all.
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What does our P11D service look like?

Hello stress-free submissions. Don’t risk hefty fines and late submissions, let us handle the whole thing for you.

  • Data gathering

    Gather internal P11D requirements, then simply send them across via an easy-to-use template. We’ll then create and populate a P11D database with relevant employee data, safe & secure.
  • Draft details

    We’ll produce your P11D preview reports, calculating class 1a NICS in relation to P11Ds & payroll benefits. You’ll then just need to review and sign off.
  • Stress-free submission

    We’ll electronically submit final P11Ds and P11DBs to HMRC. Touch-free from you and compliant with new electronic submission legislation.
  • Pay & documentation

    We’ll produce P11D documents for employees, you’ll just need to pay class 1a NICs to HMRC.


We answer the most frequently asked questions about our P11D Service.

What is a P11D?

Used by employers to report and declare the cash equivalents of any benefits and expenses they provide to their employees. These benefits can include things like company cars, health insurance, interest-free loans, and more.

Who needs to submit P11Ds?

Anyone who has offered cash equivalents of any benefits and expenses they provide to their employees.

How do I submit P11D information to HMRC?

An electronic form must be submitted to HMRC on an annual basis. Employees should also receive a copy of the P11D, as the information disclosed on it might affect their personal tax liabilities.

What is a P11Db?

P11Db is a form used by employers to report certain expenses and benefits provided to employees and directors. It’s similar to the P11D form, but is specifically used for reporting expenses and benefits that are not covered by a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme. The P11Db includes details of expenses and benefits that are not subject to Class 1 National Insurance contributions.
Examples could be: vouchers, credit tokens, living accommodation, and other expenses or benefits provided to employees or directors.

When do I need to submit my P11Ds?

These must be submitted must be submitted annually by employers. The deadline for submitting P11Ds is typically July 6th following the end of the tax year, which runs from April 6th to April 5th the following year.

Do my employees need access to a P11D?

Yes, employees should receive a copy of the P11D form from their employer. The P11D contains information about the benefits and expenses provided to employees during the tax year that might have an impact on their personal tax liabilities.

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