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Performance Management

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Performance Management

  • Get a holistic view of performance with reviews, 360 feedback and social recognition.
  • Drive productivity through automated appraisals and employee self-service.
  • Boost employee engagement with a fair and structured performance process.

Easy to access

Clear insights for employees and managers

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    Employee self-service
    Let your employees sit in the driver’s seat by managing their own goal tracking, with a clear view of progression.
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    Manager visibility
    Quickly spot high performing employees and under performers with our nine-box grid view, and employees competencies spider diagram.
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    360 feedback
    360 feedback, peer reviews and social recognition all tie into performance, ensuring users get a holistic view.

What does our Performance Management Software actually do?

Here are some smart features you and your employees will love.

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    Customisable performance management

    Design your performance review with ease. Go super bespoke or take something off the shelf with our handy templates. Align your process to your company values to make sure the whole workforce is working towards the same goals. 

    Reduce the need for back and forth with managers and employees with in-process prompts. Add videos and appraisal guidance through every step to help your employees fill it in properly.  

  • Workflows & reminders

    Go touch-free, set-up automated workflows, and provide timely notifications at each critical milestones. Don’t fancy chasing down completion? Automated reminders and emails will ping straight from the software, plus you’ll get full reporting on who has and hasn’t submitted their review.  

    It’s easy to automate peer review requests and schedule meetings with our workflows, meaning you’ll never miss a check-in opportunity! 

  • 360 feedback

    See employee performance through the eyes of many. Step away from annual reviews and checkbox performance exercises with 360 feedback and social recognition wrapping straight into the process. 

    Send 360 feedback requests to an employee’s colleagues, and empower them to do the same for their peers. 

  • Self-service

    Want the whole process to be touch-free from HR? Employees and managers can self-serve, tracking their progress against pre-defined goals and monitoring their own performance improvements. Engage your employees, drive productivity, and get positive business outputs, without hounding anyone!  

  • Competencies

    Effortlessly visualise employees’ alignment with essential skills required for their role. Make progression planning a breeze, and easily identify training needs with our neat competencies spider diagram.  

  • Nine-box grid

    See exactly where your team stands with our nine-box grid. Quickly identify under and overperforming employees, prioritise performance improvement plans and take action quickly. ​From succession planning to untapped potential growth plans, it’s easy to see with our nine-box grid.

Easy to use

Get your time back with automation

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    Increased visibility
    Get the whole business singing the same tune. Align goals to company values, get employees engaged in their goals and give managers full scope of their team with our nine-box grid.
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    Automated workflows
    Automate peer review check-in requests, get social recognition to pull into reviews and set automated actions off the back of reviews. When we say light touch, we mean it!
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    Helpful reminders
    From helpful pings to managers, to goal setting reminders and nudges on submission. No need to chase down your employees, our software will do that for you.

Managing performance just got easier

  • Boost employee retention and engagement

    Drive the right behaviours, carve out clear development plans and make performance more productive.
  • Improve processes, eliminate HR admin

    Forget chasing down appraisals and getting bogged down in paperwork. Automate the whole process, giving you more time to focus on strategic areas of HR.
  • Empower your teams and employees

    Reduce friction with a seamless automated process. Give everyone performance visibility and continuous feedback, empowering teams to perform at their best.

Conduct performance appraisals the smart way

Book a demo to see how we can make performance management easy.

Easy to trust

A secure platform to keep your data safe

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    Only the right people seeing the right reviews. All assigned to line managers based on your settings.
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    Anywhere access means greater flexibility for Human Resources and your employees.
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    Trustworthy reports
    Accurate data, in real-time. Drilldown into performance data or see it at a glance.
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Training: the perfect performance partner

  • Track team development
    See team competencies and training requirements with our 9-box grid. Let your employees request their own training, straight from the system!
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    Securely store records
    Store training records on employee profiles, set up clever workflows and reminders, the gentle nudge you need when training is due to expire.
  • Retain and develop staff
    Sick of hiring and rehiring? With our training module you’ll engage and develop existing employees, and reduce recruitment costs.
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Transform the way you report on performance

  • Beautiful, customisable reports. Use real-time data to track, manage and improve performance.
  • Drill down into individuals, teams, and departments. Spot trends and highlight training needs.
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    Let managers monitor goals, review notes and schedule performance reviews in just a couple of clicks.
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Get 360° feedback on time and without the fuss

Book a demo to see how we can make your performance management process easy.

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Performance Management FAQs

We answer the most frequently asked questions about our Performance Management Software.

What is Performance Management Software?

Performance management software supports the management of employee performance and is often adopted to improve the speed at which performance reviews can be distributed and evaluated. This software should aid development, and drive employee engagement.

Typically, it aligns employee goals with overarching company goals, ensuring teams are working together on a common outcome. Key features include objectives and goal setting, peer feedback, automation through workflows, reminders, and the ability to report on performance at an individual and team level.  

Do I need Performance Management Software?

As with a lot of elements in HR, it’s possible to run processes without software. However, manually running performance reviews comes with huge inefficiencies, and makes it harder to scale operations effectively. 
There is a classic trade-off between budget, time and efficiency. The choice to opt for software depends on how serious you are about driving the right behaviours within your business. 

Performance plays a huge role in engagement. If you want to retain top talent and keep top employees progressing, you need a formalised way of measuring their performance and spotting development opportunities. When you’re a small business it can be easy to run these performance conversations offline and manage it all through your HR department. As your business grows, you’re relying on line managers to follow a process and document it effectively.  

Without appropriate performance management software, it becomes incredibly difficult to report on these processes and your success over time. Therefore, as an HR department, it becomes difficult to demonstrate the value and ROI linked to your performance initiatives.  

Does Moorepay’s Performance Management Software handle performance reviews?

Our performance management module helps to simplify and automate your performance review processes for greater efficiency. Our platform is fully customisable, which means if you have a performance review structure which already works for you, we’ll work with you to ensure it’s implemented quickly. 
360 feedback – link all social recognition and peer feedback into employee performance reviews and request peer feedback before appraisals.  

Reviews – customise your process to work for you. Align your process to company values, review employee objectives, set goals and track progress. 

Automation – automate employee/manager reminders, schedule meetings, automate performance/ goal approval and get complete control of your performance processes. 

Self-service – let employees and managers review their performance against pre-defined goals across the period without the need for an HR touchpoint. 

Competencies – align performance to core skills required for the role and set competencies required for progression. 

Nine-box grid – managers and HR can see under and overperforming employees with a nine-box grid, making succession planning a breeze.

What are the 5 types of performance management?

Every business has a different approach to performance management. The below details five ways performance can be conducted: 
Continuous performance management: this entails ongoing check-ins between managers and employees. Normally formed through regular, informal meetings where managers share immediate feedback. This real-time feedback means employees can respond with continuous improvement.  
Traditional performance appraisals: many businesses opt for formalised annual reviews where employees are evaluated in a consistent and standardised way. This may vary across departments, but rating scales are normally formalised across the business. In some instances, these rankings are linked to payment structures.  
Objectives and key results (OKRs): this is about clear and measurable goal setting. In many instances, employees and line managers will ensure this aligns with organisational goals to ensure consistency. Performance will then be gauged on the meeting of these objectives over a specific period of time.  
360 feedback: this form of performance management takes away stakeholder bias, by analysing feedback from multiple sources. This could include feedback from peers, subordinates, and managers. Giving a holistic view of employee performance.  
Management by objectives (MBO): Much like OKRs, employees and managers will work together to agree on specific objectives, meeting regularly to assess progress towards these goals. 

What does performance management mean?

Performance management is a continuous process, usually carried out between a line manager and an employee. It consists of setting goals, evaluating progress, and opens the door to ongoing feedback. While HR might manage the formalised process, often it falls to line managers to carry out assessments and work with their team to get the best performance possible. 

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