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HR Recruitment Software

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HR Recruitment Software

  • Empower your managers to manage new role requests.
  • Shorten the candidate to employee lead time.
  • Engage candidates from the very start with a seamless process.

What does our Recruitment module actually do?

Here are some smart features you and your employees will love.

  • Candidate view

    It’s a competitive job market, so you’ll want to make the right first impression with top candidates. Applicants will get automated updates so they’re always in the loop.

    The best of the best will find it hard to miss vacancies with our integration into top job boards and company websites. Plus, we make it super easy for candidates to put their hat in the ring for multiple roles.

  • clipboard

    Raising, re-raising, approving, and that’s before you’ve even started the hiring process. Our Recruitment module lets hiring managers raise requisitions for themselves, saving you the admin.

    Managers can set go-live dates, hours, salary banding and even pop some screening questions in the requisition. That means only the crème de la crème are getting through to interview!

    Of course, as an Admin you’ll have full visibility on who raised what. Your hiring managers will get an overview of the whole process, with live candidates and those approved to interview plain as day. That means less chasers for you and your team.

  • Employee profile

    You’ve nailed it! You’ve searched high and low and now you’ve got the perfect candidate. No need to waste time setting up a brand-new employee profile, once an applicant is successful you can set up an employee profile in just a couple of clicks.

    Load your signed contract against the employee profile for safe keeping and set clever onboarding workflows so your new employee can experience the company culture as soon as possible!

  • Visibility

    Our candidate RAG status means you can see who is a ‘heck yes’ and who is a ‘maybe not’. We’re keeping you on the straight and narrow with our recruitment ‘to-do’ list. Think candidates have potential? Our software makes it easy for you to tag up skills and experience – searchable so you can easily hunt them down in future.

    Our candidate ranking system means you can focus your time on top applicants, only looking at candidates who hit the skills hiring managers need for their open vacancy. Drag and drop applicants across live roles and interview stages. We say ‘no’ to saving and sending CVs. Load this straight onto applicant cards, saving you time and emails – yay!

  • Workflows and reminders

    Automate requisitions straight to the top for approval, schedule interviews, send emails to successful candidates and easily chase down signed contracts. There’s not a lot we can’t automate. What does that mean for you? Less admin and time savings in the bank.

  • Adverts

    Getting your vacancies in front of the right people is half of the battle. We’ve made it easy to sync straight into your website, iFrame in and push roles live on the same day. Likewise, we’ve got links into all the popular job boards – so if someone is looking, your company is front and centre!

Managing recruitment just got easy

  • Friction-free applications

    Talent easily gets snapped up, so time is of the essence. Our software is here to help, not hinder the process.
  • Empower hiring managers

    Let your hiring managers take the lead. Give them full visibility and candidate control, so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.
  • Fill positions – fast!

    From backfilling to bums on seats, getting yourself up to headcount can be business critical. Our module means you can fill roles quickly.

Easy to use

Save time with forward-thinking features

  • Path
    Process automation
    From interview scheduling, to rejection and kicking off the onboarding process. Our software automates the hard bits, so you don’t have to lift a finger!
  • Path
    Candidate database
    No need to store CVs on desktops and type up names in an Excel. See candidates and their skills in our interactive candidate database.
  • Path
    To-do lists
    Ditch the pen and paper, our clever software structures your recruitment checklist so you know what to prioritise.

Hire top talent in half the time

Book a demo to see how we can make recruitment easy.

Easy to access

Gain clarity for managers and candidates alike

  • Path
    From job boards to your company website, get roles and vacancies in front of the right people.
  • Path
    Manager visibility
    Sick of answering to the calls of hiring managers? Our software gives them the answers, seeing candidate progress plain as day.
  • Path
    Candidate self-service
    From picking an interview time that works for them, to sliding into the onboarding process, our software gives candidates the power and makes candidate relationship management a breeze.
visibility in recruitment

Easy to trust

Keep your candidate data secure

  • Path
    Holding candidate data and CVs comes with GDPR hoops to jump through, our software makes sure you’re compliant with the way you’re holding data.
  • Path
    From office to road, you and your managers can access our software anytime anywhere for greater flexibility and greater hires.
  • Path
    Trustworthy reports
    Want to the ins and outs of hiring? Our recruitment module provides accurate data, in real-time.

Applicant tracking made easy

Book a demo to see how our software helps you identify and onboard top talent without the faff.

What do our customers say?

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Recruitment Software FAQs

We answer the most frequently asked questions about our HR Recruitment Software.

What does Recruitment Software do?

Recruitment software digitalises the experience for HR, hiring managers and candidates. It allows hiring managers to raise open positions within their team, HR to approve and have oversight, and candidates to apply online. Recruitment software ensures the same approach and process is followed with every candidate, and a detailed audit trail is securely stored.   

Key features include secure CV filing and storage, interview scheduling, applicant detail management, job board and social posting, automation and key metric reporting. 

How does a recruitment system benefit employers?

Good recruitment software reduces the admin effort that comes with hiring new people. Minimising the time to hire and improving hiring quality. Here are some of the other benefits: 
Reduces HR admin time – instead of spending time on setting up hiring processes and chasing candidates, HR can focus on spending time with top-quality candidates. 

Reduces line manager admin time – allowing managers to self-serve when it comes to job requisition removes the back and forth between hiring managers and HR, and reduces line manager admin. 

Reduced time to hire – when requisition happens quickly, good hires can also happen quickly. 
Captures better talent –
distribution channels like company portal, job board and social posting mean adverts have a further reach quicker. 

How does recruitment software benefit employees? 

Recruitment Software gives candidates and employees the ability to fill out information on their application quickly and improves information flow from company to candidate, here are some of the other benefits: 

Improves candidate experience – top talent expects a seamless hiring experience. Solid processes supported by good software ensure a seamless candidate experience and the right first impression. 

Feedback – recruitment software gives employees quicker access to application feedback through automation.  

Visibility – candidates can see where their application is within the hiring process. 

Self-service – candidates can amend their personal details online, anytime they wish, without the need for HR intervention. 

Do I need Recruitment Software? 

Your need for recruitment software will depend on your business make-up. If you’re a small organisation, with low churn, and no hiring plans, then you can probably go without recruitment software.

However, if you want to make quality hires, quickly, then you might want to look at how software can support you. If you need to capture and impress top talent, welcoming them into your business then software could support your processes, ensure unbiased hiring, and reduce your HR admin.  

Do I need a recruitment policy? 

Yes. We recommend all businesses have a recruitment policy to fall back on. One policy will ensure hiring consistency across all roles, ensure you take a fair and unbiased approach to hiring new talent, and comply with labour laws and regulations.  

Having a policy will improve efficiency when communicating hiring processes and legal implications with hiring managers. A good policy should be revisited regularly to ensure it’s up to date and reflective of the latest legislation. Good policies are reflective of a great employer brand, which will have knock-on positive effects on onboarding and employee retention.  

Which is the best recruitment process? 

Processes are specific to organisational needs, the makeup of your organisation, growth plans, and specific open vacancies will impact which process you adopt. We recommend having one top-level hiring process and giving hiring managers the freedom to operate within this process to make the best hire possible.  

How customisable is Moorepay’s Recruitment Software? 

Moorepay boasts a fully customisable platform. That means, whatever your hiring processes, the system can be adapted to suit your needs. From multi-step interviews to single-level sign-off and budget approval. You can lock down access to just your HR department, or allow hiring managers the ability to raise their own requisitions.  

In addition to this, if you have no recruitment processes, we can offer a standard recruitment set-up to get you kick-started.  

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software improves the efficiency of hiring and candidate placement. Good recruitment software reduces the time to hire, improves the quality of hires, and reduces the administrative burden which comes with recruiting.

Recruitment software is particularly useful in high-churn businesses, or where high-value hires need to happen quickly. However, all businesses, from all industries can benefit from recruitment software. This software is often used by internal recruitment teams, normally within the talent and HR teams.  

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