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Your guide to recruitment

Getting the right people in your business isn’t easy.  The truth is the pain you feel during the recruitment process is shared by your managers, and candidates.

But fear not! We’ve collated recruitment resources galore below. Kick off with of highly rated recruitment webinar, hosted by one of our experts!

stages of returning to work from maternity

The stats you need to know

  • 73

    of 18-34 year olds found their latest job on social media

  • 42

    declined a job offer because of a negative interview experience

  • 61

    want to see compensation shared in a job description


Interview template for hiring managers

A whopping 42% of candidates have declined a job offer because of a negative interview experience. That’s a lot of talent to leave on the table. So, if you’re sitting in HR and wondering, “How the devil can I ensure the same process is followed for all candidates?” then you’re in luck. Download our nifty interview template for hiring managers to get everyone following one process.



See how our software could helps you slim down the time to hire, automate repetitive admin and get your hands on the best candidates. That means only culture fits will join your business to do great work. Plus, in our live session they’ll be time to get your questions answered!

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Recruitment content you’ll love

  • Age discrimination in recruitment

    Preventing age discrimination in recruitment

    Over a third of people currently working are between the ages of 50 and 64. Yet we still live in a world riddled with age biases. Check out our blog to see how you and your people can avoid age discrimination in the recruitment process.

  • recruitment HR essentials webinar

    Managing an effective recruitment process

    Navigating the legislation that comes with recruitment can be tricky. From what to do when an employee hands in their notice, to creating a positive employee experience. Watch back our webinar to find top tips!

  • woman shaking hands with an interviewer

    12 frequently asked questions when recruiting staff

    We’ve all sat in an interview before, but do you know what you can and can’t ask your candidates? Leading or probing questions could find you in a spot of HR bother. Check out these most frequently asked questions.

Clever software for your clever business

Beautiful recruitment software. That’s job requisition in a couple of clicks, automatic syncs into job boards, and so much more. Who said this stuff had to be hard?


Candidate feedback template

Did you know 52% of candidates who receive feedback are more likely to continue their relationship with the company? So, the real question is, how are your hiring managers getting back to candidates? Well, with only 7% reportedly getting back to candidates, the truth is – they probably aren’t.

Make it easier for your hiring managers with this handy template.