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Payroll Reports

  • Total control of the reports powering your payroll compliance.
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    Save time and get reliable reports, without the painful Excel admin.
  • Fulfil payroll accuracy with astute insights.

Power compliant payroll

  • Worry-free compliance
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      Get complete control of your payroll data and quit worrying about legislation compliance. Spot payroll issues before they hit employee pay and get payday right every time.
  • HMRC documentation
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      Quickly find, check, amend and submit accurate data to HMRC. Never miss a deadline while you’re manually pulling reports. Sleep safe in the knowledge your documents are up to date with a full audit trail.
  • Contribution breakdowns
    • Get oversight of all things payroll, from tax and NI, to pension contributions and salary sacrifice. Never short-change an employee, and always stay the right side of legislation.
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Reliable reports, without the admin

  • Consolidate data with ease
    • Stop wasting time pulling, consolidating, and manipulating your payroll data ready for analysis. Know your data is pulling from one source of truth – it’s already packaged up for you.
  • Never question your data
    • Ensure you’re relaying reliable and insightful information to other stakeholders in your business. Data is validated from inside the system and pulls straight from payroll.
  • Spot payroll issues
    • From under and over payment flags, to discrepancies in pay. Our reports will flag issues for you, so you don’t have to waste time finding it for yourself.
Payroll Software Features

Payroll reporting features our clients love

No more payroll inaccuracies making it all the way to employee pay. Our clever reports make it easy to run your checks and balances quickly, so your payroll operation can remain smooth sailing.

  • HMRC ready reports

    Ready for review, checks, balances, and submission. We’re up to speed with the latest legislation and submissions, aligning our reports, so you can bank on worry-free compliance.  

    See gender pay gap reporting, auto-enrolment eligibility, opt-ins and outs, overtime and get proper SSP analysis with our payroll reports.  

    From Full Payment Submission (FPS) and Employer Payment Summary, (EPS) to P11Ds and P60s. Everything you need for a correct and prompt submission to HMRC can be found in one spot.  

  • Payroll reports

    Get a clear and concise breakdown of variable payments. See changes over time and spot anomalies so you can address them quickly. Check employee student loan payments, parental and unpaid leave paid, Class 1As and so much more. 

    See period diagnostics and quickly spot errors, from DOI reports to RTI quality checks and journal extracts. We’ve removed the faff and admin from payroll reports creating something easy to run and maintain.  

    Plus, you can ditch the last-minute panic when it comes to the end of the financial year, and know we’ve consolidated all your end-of-year reports into one spot.  

  • Payslip reporting

    Want to see how your operation is affecting employee pay packets? Go granular. See all payslips, check deductions, bonus payments, tax, NI and adjustments all in one neat and tidy report. Quickly spot errors or troubleshoot employee queries with one view for it all.  

  • Cost analysis

    Get your top-level reports without breaking a sweat. View adjustments and increases, month on month, or year on year.  

    Check out pay frequency and qualified earnings or take a deep dive into net and total payments. Whether you’re after summary costs or want to break costs down by department, we’ve got you covered. 

  • Customisable reporting

    Flexible reporting, right at your fingertips. Don’t waste time manually consolidating data to get it to tell the story you want. Our customisable reports let you get to the bottom of the questions you want answered.  

    Extract exactly what data you want from your payroll. See your own splits, download them, or pull them into visual graphs.  

  • Time & attendance

    Want to know how time tracking is impacting payroll? From timesheet audit reports to overtime tracking and total hours worked. Time and attendance data pulls straight through to payroll so you can report on absence, paid time off and exact hours worked.  

Accurate payroll data, your way

  • Customisation at it’s best
    • eq
      Create, build and rerun your own payroll reports. So, you can see what you want, when you want.
  • Compare pay periods
    • Get a true view of what’s going on in your business. Compare period to period and month to month.
  • True auditing
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      Keep a tight grip on the comings and goings of payroll in your business. See changes, who’s made them and tie up loose-ends as and when you need.
Payroll Software Features: New Starter, Timesheet and Benefits

People and pay, but visual

Bye-bye Excel, hello beautiful dashboards! Our built-in analytics pulls data straight from payroll, so you have one spot to view compensation, pay and so much more.  


Spend less time triple-checking results

Get accurate payroll reporting at speed. Let our friendly team show you the ins and outs of our payroll reporting software.

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