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January 6, 2022

The Moorepay Mobile App

Yes, the Moorepay Employee Mobile App is here, catapulting employee self-service light-years ahead of the market. Why have we built employee self-service (ESS) into a mobile app? How did customer feedback shape the journey? And what can you expect from this exciting new product? In a world where we can fly down the M6 with just electric in the tank, pay for lunch with your face and phone, and ping cryptocurrency as you please, the payroll industry, by comparison has fallen behind. Payrollers plodding along with…

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moorepay software on mobile
January 6, 2022

Lateral flow tests for critical workers | How to minimise the impact of Covid-19 absence

As we enter the third year of restrictions due to Covid-19, and infection rates rise, businesses are challenged with planning for an increased number of employee absences. Consequently, Ministers have been tasked with developing “robust contingency plans” for workplace absences that could reach 25% of the workforce. 100,000 critical workers in England will get daily lateral flow tests The Government has announced plans to provide 100,000 critical workers in England with free daily lateral flow tests in order to catch infections early and avoid the…

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Minimising the impact of covid-19 absences
January 6, 2022

VIDEO | Key features of our Mobile App

Perhaps you've read about the Moorepay Mobile App and you're keen to see it in action. Well, you'll be chuffed to know we've got a quick video that runs through some of the hottest features available in the app. From accessing payslips, to creating timesheets and booking holidays - employees can do it quickly and with extreme ease. Plus, it's just as easy for managers and admins too - fast, streamlined approvals at the click of a button. The Moorepay Mobile App is easy to…

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January 3, 2022

VIDEO | Our Next Generation Software

Our Next Generation Payroll & HR Software - just how good does it really look? And what can it actually do? (Because we all know looks aren't everything!) This quick video shows off our new, Next Generation Software. From unrivalled automation, to remarkable integration, and exception reporting: altogether, it's an unbeatable user experience. Take a look and see for yourself! [embed][/embed] Taste buds tickled? Yeah, we thought they might be! Find out more by registering your interest for our Next Generation Payroll & HR Software.

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next generation video
December 23, 2021

Can you ask job applicants about their health?

Despite – or in some cases because of – Covid-19, many companies are actively recruiting. The challenges of recruitment involve far more than just finding the right candidate. You must also consider what you can and can't ask at application, interview and job offer stages. Not forgetting the GDPR implications and impact of Covid-19 vaccination statuses! Can you ask job applicants about their health? And what about Covid-19 vaccination status? Keep reading to find what you're legally allowed to ask - and what you aren't!…

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Can you ask job applicants about their health
December 22, 2021

Employment Tribunal cases citing menopause are on the rise

Menopause cases are reaching Employment Tribunals at a record rate. According to figures from HM Courts and Tribunals Service, supported by menopause experts, in the whole of 2018, only five cases revolving around menopause reached an Employment Tribunal.  This rose to six cases in 2019, 16 in 2020, and 10 just in the first six months of 2021 in England. In addition, also in the first six months of 2021, a further 116 cases regarding menopause were dealt with in employment disputes in-house in England.…

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menopause tribunals on the rise
December 22, 2021

Managing the impact of adverse weather conditions

Winter inevitably brings bad weather and travel disruptions. For those still travelling to their place of work, this can make getting there on time far more challenging. Here at Moorepay we've come up with some useful information on how to manage the impact of adverse weather conditions. What should employees do during adverse weather conditions? There may be occasions when unforeseen circumstances affect an employee's ability to work normally. These include adverse weather conditions, such as a severe snowfall. In such situations we expect employees…

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adverse weather conditions
December 20, 2021

Virtual bullying & harassment – will cases rise?

The vast majority of employees are working from home again. Will this see cases of bullying and harassment continue or diminish? And how should HR deal with this? With more employees working from home, we'd expect (and hope) that bullying and harassment claims become less prevalent. However, this doesn't necessarily follow just because an employee is not physically in the workplace. A virtual world of work Video conferencing software such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, are now the new way of working. Because of…

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Virtual bullying & harassment
December 18, 2021

How much does it cost to outsource payroll?

If you're thinking about outsourcing your payroll, you're probably wondering how much it costs. An outsourced or 'managed' service from a professional payroll provider must be costly, right? Let's find out! Keep reading to find out how much it costs to outsource payroll. Plus, we reveal the hidden costs associated with running your payroll in-house (and getting it wrong - eek!) We also explore 'free' options for businesses who are operating their payroll operations on a shoestring. What's an example of a payroll fee? PEPM:…

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how much does it cost to outsource payroll
December 16, 2021

Report Designer: eats data for breakfast

Reporting just went from basic to brilliant. Our Report Designer Tool is designed to make customising and clearly seeing data that adds real value even easier. So, what makes it so special? Feel like you’re constantly manipulating data in excel? Scrambling for figures to add to your board slide, or spending countless hours just ‘tweaking’ your reports? The sad fact is, you’re not alone. For three years on the bounce, our annual Payroll Survey has shown ‘limited reporting and functionality’ to be the top frustration…

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