The ghosts of employment past | Moorepay
April 23, 2024

The ghosts of employment past

The ghosts of employment past

Calling on dark arts to resurrect pay document for your past employees? That tricky admin need haunt you no more, employee self-service is alive and kicking. Check out how we’re making past pay documents even more accessible, saving you bags of time on admin.  

When employees leave it’s all tears, cake, and a bob or two in a handwritten card. Then bam, emails deleted, gone with the wind, like it all never happened.

In between the goodbye hugs and well wishes no one is thinking about P60s and payslips. They’re simply on their way, only to boomerang back six months later when they’re applying for a mortgage, demanding their previous payslips.

Que a sudden coldness as you realise employee documents have been mysteriously absorbed by your admin folder. Followed by screaming into Sharepoint, and hours of admin to bring files back to life.

No more. We’ve made documents super easy to access for past employees.

Listening to customer feedback

Here at Moorepay, we host regular customer user groups to gather businesses large and small, from every corner of the UK. We talk all things roadmap, priorities and share biscuits and brews. Our aim is to create a product that customers and employees love, aiding a smoother employee experience, trimming down needless admin time, and together creating workplaces that win.

After a Malt Milk or two, our customers shared their woes surrounding these eerie past employees. They noted the drain leavers were taking on HR and payroll departments.

One product manager lightly dusted in digestive crumb stated “well, what if we put the power back into the employees’ hands? We’ll give them access to want they need. Touch-free from you.”

Brew mugs clinked and that’s exactly what we built.

Easy to access

Our new leavers access feature gives past employees a restricted view of the system, for a set number of days (whatever you choose) and prompts leaving employees to download any important documents before they depart. You can tick that off your to-do.  

Developed to minimise the back and forth with your past employees, giving you more time to focus on supporting current employees. The system looks and feels the same, so no ‘where’s this’ and ‘what’s this’ flooding your department. Leavers can access what they need, without knocking on your door. Enjoy complete control and bespoke how long these past spirits can haunt the hallways.

Easy to trust

Security and confidentiality are always top of mind. That’s why we’ve locked down who can see what as part of our new leavers access feature. Even the supernatural can’t charm their way in.

Once an employee has left the business, they’ll get a restricted view of only the necessary data, such as their own pay documents. That means no more nightmares of ghouls poking in private company information. Simply trust what past employees can see is restricted, even if they had full system, admin access beforehand.

How do I get it?

Stop living in the past. Book a personalised demo today to see how clever features just like this can save you hours on admin, so you can focus your attention where it’s really needed.

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Molly Chapman Product Marketing Manager
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Molly Chapman

Molly Chapman is the Product Marketing Manager at Moorepay, having joined our team in 2020. In short, Molly helps bridge the gap between our products and the customer: communicating the benefits and technical details of our products to ensure that our customers get the best out of Moorepay’s payroll & HR software and services. Working for many years in product marketing, most notably within the travel industry, Molly has an established background in bringing value to her client base. Outside of work, Molly enjoys experimenting with vegetarian cooking, walking the dogs and a good B&M bargain.