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Anthony Vollmer & Jason Dowzell

In conversation with

Anthony Vollmer & Jason Dowzell

Meet our all-in-one Payroll & HR Platform

17 October 2023 | 11am

Join us on 17 October and snag yourself a free coffee simply for rocking up. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday morning, we have to say.

Why attend?

As you know, Moorepay acquired Natural HR in February of this year. And our product team have been busy connecting the best in payroll with the best in HR. Together, we’ve got an all-in-one platform: think HR, payroll, benefits, analytics, timesheets, expenses – the lot! So, what will this session look like?

  • Our leaders will be chatting through the acquisition and the journey so far.
  • Our expert consultant, Sophie, will be demonstrating the key areas of our all-in-one Payroll & HR Software, as requested by you.
  • You’ll get a chance to ask our senior leaders anything, and we mean anything.
  • And lastly, but most importantly, all attendees will enjoy a free coffee on us.
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Our speakers

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    Anthony Vollmer

    Moorepay’s MD, Anthony Vollmer, joined us in February 2019 and is responsible for the overall service we provide to our customers, the wellbeing of our colleagues and the performance of the business. He firmly believes that if you look after your customers and colleagues, then good business results will come.

  • Jason Powzell

    Jason Dowzell

    Jason co-founded Natural HR, and therefore has an understanding like no other on the technical side of the business. At Moorepay, as CTO, Jason is responsible for the integration of Natural HR’s software into Moorepay. Jason is continuing to develop Natural HR as it cements its place as a market leader in HR Software.

How our HR Software can support your goals

  • Make informed decisions

    Forget going with your gut, this is data backed business decisions. With important payroll & HR data pulling from one spot it’s easy to spot data trends and make the right people decisions. We’re taking the guess work out of payroll & HR.
  • Never question data validity

    We take this data thing seriously. Our solid connection means you can stop relying on dodgy data syncs, and the human-error that comes along with manually rekeying data. It’s peace of mind that your data is up to date.
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    Ditch repetitive admin

    Get your data flying from payroll to HR, and back again, without lifting a finger. Our all-in-one software automates repetitive task, so you can spend less time doing admin, and more time focusing on strategic areas of your role. Yay!
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    Create beautiful employee experiences

    Yep. That’s one spot for payslips, benefits, company announcements and so much more. Our customisable platform means you can create the employee experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to learn more?

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