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Bizimply | Time & Attendance

Bizimply | Time & Attendance

Key features

Get a fully comprehensive view of employees across attendance, scheduling and operational management.

  • Pre-Shift Questionnaire

    Prior to entering the workplace, allow team members to easily complete a pre-shift questionnaire on the Bizimply clock-in app. This helps to uphold compliance with health & safety measures.

  • performance-tablet-increase
    Sales Forecasting

    Monitor sales and labour metrics to make sure you hit your targets and gain valuable insights into areas that need improvement.

  • Live Attendance

    Record accurate punch times with real time photo capture to avoid buddy-punching with our Timestation App for iPad. Automatically populate timecards for payroll.

  • Customisable Shift Log

    Customise your shift log so you are receiving information that fits your business’ needs after every shift in each location.

  • Easy Rota-Building

    Build rotas in minutes and send directly to the employee app. Know your cost of labour as you plan ahead. Bizimply upholds compliance by alerting when employees are scheduled over/under hours.

  • Mobile/GPS Clock-in

    Employee and manager apps for receiving real time schedule, attendance and shift information. With mobile clock-in, track staff locations in real time with GPS tracking that updates with every time punch.

Awesome benefits

Effectively manage the employee lifecycle

  • Labour cost savings

    Save up to 7% in labour costs with Bizimply’s cost tracking & management

  • Save hours of work

    Save hours each week with simplified scheduling and payroll

  • Accurate pay

    Ensure staff are paid on time, every time with Moorepay’s powerful payroll software

  • Staff communication

    Communicate better with staff with Bizimply’s employee app

  • Manage multiple locations

    Easily scale across multiple locations for better real-time visibility

  • Increased visibility

    Partner with people analytics to get even better visibility of your staff & costs

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