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Faster Payments | Payments

Faster Payments | Payments

Awesome benefits

Paying your employee’s wages with Faster Payments means it’s transferred across in minutes – giving you back valuable time.

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  • Extend payroll deadlines

    With Faster Payments you’ll get extra time to process payroll. That means payroll deadlines can be extended for an agile and accurate output.

  • Reduce rates of payment errors

    Gain up to three days back. You’ll get extra time to work on your payroll, with the opportunity to run additional checks, helping you to capture and correct every payroll error.

  • Improve cashflow

    Overpayments are costly and impact company cashflow. But ensuring only correct payments are being transferred means cashflow is significantly improved.

  • Reduce wasted time

    Approximately 15% of payroll’s time is spent administering unnecessary overpayments. Claim that time back by making payments right the first time.

  • Reduce manual payments

    Temporary payments can be processed closer to real-time. This rids the need for manual, emergency payments made out-of-cycle, often required due to missed/late data.

  • Streamline the payroll process

    The payroll process is tricky enough as it is. Opting for Faster Payment means payroll deadlines can be extended, costly overpayments reduced, and employee satisfaction boosted.

Key features of Faster Payments

  • Extend payroll deadlines, reduce costly overpayments, and boost employee satisfaction.
  • Employee payments across payroll and expenses can be made instantly – a massive improvement from the usual Bacs transfer process of up to three days.
  • Reduce banking charges by 50% or more – and no more fees for recalled or cancelled payments.
  • Faster Payments can be sent or received 24/7, making it convenient for all payroll and HR teams.
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