Microsoft 365 | Office

Benefits you’ll love

Real-time Microsoft 365 Integration.

  • Simple and intuitive system integration

    Out-of-the-box connectivity to your payroll & HR data, enabling you to drive process improvements.
  • Automation and real-time data accuracy

    Automate your processes to reduce both time and cost, and act on data changes in real-time.
  • Unlock the power of your data

    The ability to share data between systems easily means tasks can be automated without significant investment.
  • Inspired productivity

    Let employees integrate into systems they already know and love for an empowered, efficient workforce.

Hot features

  • Path

    Single Platforms users can quickly login to services through a single sign on process.

  • Path
    SMS Authentication

    Opt for SMS sign on authentication. One of the multi-factor options is SMS which adds an additional level of security for you and your employees.

  • Path
    Office 365 Integration

    Leave request & approval in outlook, long term leave applied to payroll. (Next release.)

  • Path
    Email Authentication

    Add an additional level of security to login for your employees. Email authentication means that only the right people have access to sensitive data.

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